Tips for Preventing Shoulder Injuries

In everyday life, your shoulder gets a real workout. It moves whenever you do. Your shoulder plays a crucial role in almost all the activities you engage in. You depend on it to lift, reach, or even throw a ball. It allows you to grab something high or pick something from the ground. You get to do all these things thanks to your healthy shoulder, which has a great range of motion. However, all those movements mean you are at an increased risk of getting hurt. Shoulders are the body’s most injured joints. It would help to know that most shoulder injuries in La Jolla are caused by age, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff damage, bursitis, dislocation, and frozen shoulder. When you pick up the injury, ensure you seek medical care from a reputable specialist as soon as possible.

While shoulder injuries are common, most of them can be fixed without the need for surgery. However, it is better to avoid the problem altogether, and here is how:


Pay attention to your body.

Most of the time, we are victims of our negligence. If you notice that your shoulder gets sore after any activity, do not ignore it. It could be a warning sign that something is not okay. If the pain is severe and persistent, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Avoid roughing it out, as it might only make things worse.

Increase your shoulder strength

Shoulder injuries are often caused by lifting something too heavy for them. You can fix this by lifting and exercising using proper form to strengthen your shoulder. It will help stabilize your joint and prevent painful dislocation injuries. Ensure you speak to a specialist before you start a strengthening program. They will help you engage in exercises that suit you best or recommend you to work with a physical therapist.

Observe the right sleeping positions

Sleeping on your shoulder can lead to an injury if you are not careful. For instance, if you detect any pain in your right shoulder, avoid sleeping on it altogether. Try to sleep on your left side or back instead. If sleeping on your back does not help and only irritates your shoulder, you can prop up your arm using a pillow. Never put extra pressure on your painful shoulder when sleeping, as it only makes it worse.

Avoid straining your shoulder.

Sometimes things are just out of your reach, and you should accept that. It is not every time you should be straining to reach something you need. If you do, you are only putting your shoulder at risk. You can use a step stool if you must get to high places. Alternatively, you can set the things you regularly use within your reach. Also, do not strain to lift heavy items. If you cannot handle them comfortably, have someone else do it for you.

Prevention is key when it comes to shoulder injuries. However, in case you get injured, do not try to push through it. Instead, seek help as quickly as possible before the problem gets out of hand. The shoulder is a complex joint and requires the best care from highly qualified orthopedic specialists. Schedule an appointment with Synergy Orthopedic Specialist Medical Group today.

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