How to Choose a Mattress – Everything You Should Know


It is wonderful to see so many innovations for optimizing sleep. But plenty of people are puzzled about what to choose for their needs. Why does sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress cause back pain? At night, the human body rests, but the brain does not cease to control all processes. When nerves and blood vessels are compressed in an uncomfortable position, the brain sends a signal to the muscles to correct the situation. As a result, they tighten all night, and the pain in vulnerable areas increases. Such sleep cannot be called full and healthy. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress means aggravating back problems.

Why Back Pain Depends on the Mattress

To begin with, why does a sleeping place affect well-being? In any case, a person is sleeping, and it would seem that the body should rest. But there is a distance between the consciousness disconnection, which we associate with sleep, and true rest. At night, the brain does not turn off for a second. It continues to control all processes.

If the body adopts a physiologically unfavorable pose, compression of nerves and blood vessels in some areas occurs. To fix this, the brain gives the command to the muscles, which are forced to stay in good shape throughout the night. It is clear that without relaxing the body, sleep is inferior, but it is a lesser evil. Most importantly, stagnation inevitably occurs in the most vulnerable areas of the back as a result. They cause inflammation, so the pain intensifies and the situation worsens every night.

A good mattress chosen with Simmons mattress reviews is useful not only for the back; it has a beneficial effect on:

  • immunity;
  • nervous system;
  • endocrine system;
  • cardiovascular system.

Features of Choosing 

Before buying a mattress, determine the condition of your back. To do this, consult a doctor and do an MRI of the area where you feel discomfort. Depending on the type of back disease, select the required mattress.

  • Osteochondrosis. The best option for sleeping is a mattress of medium hardness and a height of 2 inches or more. Artificial or natural latex, as well as combinations of coconut + Memorex or coconut + latex, are suitable as filler. Such a product will have an orthopedic and anatomical effect. The mattress will relieve pain and support the spine in a natural position.
  • Intervertebral hernia. A double-sided latex mattress on a block of independent springs is suitable for people with this diagnosis. One side is medium-hard, the other one is soft. The task of fillers: to reduce body pressure on the mattress and relieve muscle hypertonicity.
  • The postoperative period. After a fracture or spinal surgery, you should buy a hard sleeping place with coconut fiber filler – this will help speed up the rehabilitation period.

So which mattress protects the back? Of course, the one selected using the jons guide platform, having sufficient elasticity in the middle and in the base. The rigidity of the surface layer under the cover has nothing to do with it. Such elasticity can be provided with natural latex and an independent spring block of high quality. Both springless and spring mattresses can be chosen by people with spinal problems.


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