Things You should Know about Hair Transplant

Updated on June 23, 2022
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Men take great care of their hair and beard. Especially many men who began to lose their hair do the necessary research on hair transplant and want to obtain all the necessary information before the operation. Hair transplant is among the procedures that should be applied with great care. These processes will be included in many cosmetic products and are applied specifically and carefully. The grafts to be harvested from the person, the frontal hairline and hair density differ from person to person. There is some information you need to learn about hair transplant. If you feel ready to have a hair transplant operation and want to obtain the necessary information, we recommend you to check out this article thoroughly.

Hair transplant is a serious operation. With the development of technology and science, hair transplant is among the procedures that achieve more success every year. Many people who want to have a natural and effortless operation are doing the research of the right clinics and asking the doctors how the procedure is done. The most important information you need to know about hair transplant are mentioned below.

Experiencing Hair Loss does not Make You a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant

Hair loss due to psychological or genetic reasons and in ill individuals is not a sign that you should undergo a hair transplant treatment. Having a hair transplant with different genotypes in each individual may not be a correct procedure. After examining your hair, the doctors will tell you whether you will be a good candidate for hair transplant or not. It is not recommended to go to clinics to have hair transplant because you are experiencing hair loss.

Two Ways are Followed to Harvest Healthy Hair Roots Smoothly

Most of the hair transplant treatments have certain operations. The purposes of techniques applied in hair transplant are the same and the goal in this treatment is to provide hair density that is evenly distributed on the scalp. The main difference in hair transplant methods is the harvesting of hair follicles from their roots and the way new hair is transplanted into the roots.

In general, local anesthesia is applied in hair transplant procedures. Two different methods are applied within these processes. These processes differ and the process suitable for the head is preferred.

Hair Transplant Procedures may Take up to Ten Hours

Hair transplant procedures are generally called long-lasting procedures. The development of technology and the fact that robotic devices are now used at this point certainly do not affect the length of the procedure and the operation is separated from session by session. At this point, many patients who will undergo hair transplant should take into account that they will spend a few days in the clinic and know that this process will be spread over two to three days if necessary.

Hair transplant operations can take up to ten hours on average, and it is imperative to comply with the duration of these procedures in order to handle these procedures in a healthy way. The channel opened slightly wrong in the area to be transplanted can endanger your operation and you must follow the instructions given by the doctor.

Choosing the Right Doctor in Hair Transplant: It will Make Your Hair Look Natural

Hair transplant procedures are included as procedures that require great care. Applying these procedures in a correct and healthy way will not show that your hair has been transplanted, and it will not cause any problems in restoring the lost hair.

At this point, you will be able to work with the Now Hair Time team to ensure that your hair will look natural. In order to make your hair look natural and regain its old appearance, you can make a quick pre-appointment from our team and have the procedures to make your transactions carried out healthier.

Hair Transplants can also be Applied to Eyebrows, Beard and Mustache Areas

Do not forget that hair transplant operations are not only performed on the hair area, and with the developing medical technology, these procedures can now be applied comfortably in the eyebrow, beard and mustache areas and it has positive results.

Note that this treatment will now take place with the Now Hair Time clinic, not only on the hair but also on the beard, eyebrows and mustache areas.


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