Things You Should Know About Dr. Gundry Lectins

Updated on July 17, 2021

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Dr. Steven Gundry is attempting to make it easier to withdraw from lectins as claims suggest a diet limited in these boasts much better for your well-being than those lectin rich. Click here for foods heavy in this substance.

It would be helpful to research Dr. Gundry’s diet for guidance on ways to avoid the proteins. These are a family of proteins that you will find in virtually any food but most prominently in grains and legumes. 

The claims suggest specific ones have the potential for toxicity and can cause havoc within the body when consumed in large amounts. Fortunately, though, these are relatively simple to eliminate while cooking, making some wonder if there is a genuine health risk.

Dr. Gundry Lectins

According to Dr. Gundry Lectins, the diverse family of protein-binding carbohydrates can be found in all plants and animals, some of which can prove toxic, but most of which claims indicate will cause havoc when eaten in large quantities. That is why the doctor searches for ways to shield the body with a diet and products.

Nearly all foods contain a certain amount of lectins, but the suggestion is that roughly 30% of common foods within the United States carry substantial quantities. 

Among those include legumes like peanuts, soybeans, beans for plant lectins, and then the grain family plus nightshades. Nightshade vegetables are things like potatoes and tomatoes. You will find the most in the seeds and peels.

Suppose you do ingest a large quantity of these. In that case, lectins can penetrate cells lining the intestines that mean to protect from harmful pathogens and microbes coming into the gastrointestinal tract. When that barrier is compromised, the immune system can develop issues, with some individuals developing symptoms comparable to food poisoning. 

Some other digestive difficulties are possible with symptoms that can include vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Lectin-Free Foods Are Available

While Dr. Gundry has a diet that you can reference to help you avoid lectins and options to shield your body from the harmful substance, there are plenty of foods on the market that are not only merely low in these but actually free of the compound. Let’s check out a few:

  • Avocados

Many believe the avocados to be a vegetable, but it is, in fact, a fruit. It is altogether lectin-free, but aside from that, the fruit is loaded with antioxidants, plus they offer a healthy high level of fiber and good fats. You can feel very confident in consuming the food in an entirely ripe state in any event.

  • Broccoli

While the indication was that nearly all foods, especially plant and animal products, have lectins, especially vegetables, there are quite a few exceptions to that suggestion allowing for quite a nice salad mix.

You can enjoy broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower, all of which are lectin-free. Plus, onion, garlic, celery, and asparagus are a few others that have none of the substance. Many people enjoy a diet rich in vegetables, and these allow for a nice variety without fear of harsh reactions.

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  • Olive Oil 

Olive oil boasts a blend of vitamins and minerals critical to overall wellness, such as potassium, calcium, vitamin k, vitamin E. iron. It is the ideal option for cooking, using salad dressings, baking, many options, plus you can enjoy it lectin-free. Find a diet free of lectins at

Final Thought

You can reference Dr. Gundry’s diet for other lectin-free options and potential shields to help prevent the substance from entering your system, causing digestive problems. 

Ideally, before you incorporate any new methodology, diet, supplement, or substance into your self-care plan or wellness regimen, you should consult with your primary care physician, who can review your medical history to ensure overall safety. 

The provider can also offer guidance and support regarding lectins with advice about your specific health situation. Everyone is unique and requires a treatment program custom to their own set of unique needs. 

Your regular physician can attest to that and go over Dr. Gundry’s guidelines to ensure these coincide with what would be beneficial moving forward with your care plan. No one should ever start anything outside of that will overtly affect their health without the explicit knowledge of their regular physician.

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