Things To Consider When Choosing An Intellectual Disability Support Rochester Center

Updated on March 7, 2022

Finding the best intellectual or developmental disability support services for your loved one is a process that requires research, patience, and time investment. Given difficult situation you and your loved ones are in, comparing a long list of organizations with different facilities can be challenging. Below are a few key factors to consider when choosing an intellectual disability support center in Rochester. 

1. Services Offered 

The disability support center you choose must be one that provides adequate services to cater for the needs of your loved ones. An important consideration is whether you’re seeking somewhere for them to live, or simply a center that can provide additional support for their development. Some common services provided by disability support centers include career building, employment training, and housing, as well as personal and social skills. Many have programs which teach individuals key life skills and help them explore potential career paths. They’re often aimed at training participants on-the-job and helping them to obtain employment in the community. 

There are many other services commonly sought in disability support centers, such as support groups, permanent housing, or programs that encourage the development of independent skills through opportunities like volunteering. Visiting an intellectual disability support center’s website is a great way to familiarize yourself with the services provided, and see whether they can meet your needs. 

2. Accreditation 

In most cases, information regarding a disability support center’s accreditation is readily available. This is crucial to consider when choosing a facility for your loved one, as it ensures the programs have been audited and approved by regulatory bodies. Uncertified centers may be more focused on profit that genuine support. 

Official certifications, awards received, and recognitions should be public online, so spend time researching before you commit to a center.

3. Staff Qualifications 

When choosing an intellectual disability center, you must access the relevant staff qualifications and accreditations. Knowing that staff members are highly trained and educated in the support of your loved one will give you confidence that they’ll be well looked after. On the contrary, centers who employ untrained staff may not provide adequate care. 

4. Online Reviews  

An important part of the research process when choosing an intellectual disability center, should be reading online reviews regarding the various centers. It’s a good idea to create a shortlist of centers, and explore their websites to read testimonials from previous clients and their families. However, analyze with discretion, as some places may curate reviews and remove negative feedback. Seeking independent reviews outside of official websites will ensure your perspective is informed by honest and authentic feedback. 

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5. Travel Distance

The distance between your residence and the center is an important factor to consider. If the center is far away, the logistics will require far more consideration and planning than if it’s nearby. This is a particularly important aspect to consider if you’re seeking permanent housing for your loved one. 

6. Financial Costs 

Of course, the cost of intellectual disability support centers in Rochester will differ depending on the services they provide. Some have flat prices based on basic services, while others employ cost structures that vary according to the programs you opt in to, such as employment training and therapy. 

It’s worth noting that some centers will take into account your unique financial circumstances and develop a payment system that suits you. Most centers want to provide support, and understand some may not have huge budgets to spend. The ideal scenario is to reach an agreement that benefits both you as the client and the service provider. 

7. Your Instincts  

Choosing an intellectual disability support center in Rochester is a process that must be handled with care. The health of you and your loved ones is precious and must be put in the right hands. Unfortunately, there are intellectual disability centers that do not prioritize the health of clients and instead may take advantage of them. Allow your intuition to guide you through the decision-making process, and back up your instincts with research, to determine whether the center is trustworthy or otherwise.


There are several factors that have to be considered when choosing an intellectual disability support center. Your health and wellness, as well as your loved ones, is too important to gamble with. Carefully do your research to find out the center’s accreditation, staff credentials, and online reviews. Also consider the distance between the center and your residence for convenience. If you’d like to learn any further information, make sure to use official channels of communication to reach out. 

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