Things Healthcare Business Can Learn from Online Gaming Industry to Handle Consumers


One of the most significant things in the assessment of the healthcare business companies is to check up to what extent they can speak of customer orientation in this progressively competitive market. If one thinks of the patient only as a patient, then this can lead to an awful impression of the service providers. Such thinking and absence of customer orientation can have adverse effects on the healthcare business as it shows a lack of devotion towards the customers or patient. So, it is a very smart move to learn from the other industries which have gone through a similar process of development and even have been to more difficult situations.

One of the perfect examples of this is the online gambling industry because, in the days of its infancy, players used to hesitate to trust this online gaming sector due to the fear of cheating and fraud. But over time, this industry has developed into a customer market by providing customer-oriented services and offering reliability. Trust is the main ingredient here. There were only 8 million users of online gambling sites in 2001 but this number has grown to three digits in recent years. Now it is expected to reach a market value of $92.9bn in the next three years. Such growth of this online gaming industry has assuredly many things that healthcare business can learn when it comes to handling customers.

Centralizing Customers

One of the main reasons why the online gaming industry has gain unifying customer-base is because they have an emphasis on the customer. They have put all the necessary thing that customer needs. The absence of focus at the patient is really a big concern these days in the healthcare industry. In the modern world where patients are aware so, they ought to be felt centralized and they should be given the prime focus. They should be part of all the important facets just as seen online gaming industry.

Customizing Customer Experience

Online gaming has kept in mind the fact that each customer is different and that is why they offer multiple and personalized gaming experiences. They strive to provide tailored gameplay for customers with different tastes and needs. For instance, when it comes to games like online poker for real money, slots, bingo, blackjack, roulette, or different kinds of payment methods according to customer needs, they have mastered focusing on the personalized experience of the players.

The Healthcare industry can use this strategy of the online gaming sector while dealing with customers (patients) and this way they will address the specific requirements of the patients rather than following the same routine checkup for all the clients.

Enhancing the Customer’s Expedition

Online gaming is booming these days and one of the reasons for that is the enhanced user journey which starts before joining the customer and goes on for a long time. Customers are treated special here at the time signing up with welcome bonuses and it goes on through the whole journey by offering various incentives to the customers.

This is where many healthcare providers fail to comprehend that the journey of customers is not limited on the occasion of their direct visit only. They should be allowed to access their prescriptions or medical details through an online portal for example. Digital enrollment of insurance policies and online appointments are widely popular in the healthcare industry but adding more such things would really patients’ journey.

Using New Techs for Better Customer Experience

Online gaming has never backed from adopting the latest technology. The new techs lure customers since they always seek innovation. VR, AR, and mobile gaming are a great example of utilizing new tech for the betterment of the customers, as we saw in the last decade. Because of this thing, customers can have easy access to gaming from smartphones regardless of where they are and have real-like gameplay with virtual reality.

Utilizing new technology for the customers’ needs helps in improving their experience. This way the engagement of patients is increased. As mentioned, digital prescription and online health records can be great things. However, such things are already incorporated but there are lots of blank spaces to be filled.

Secure Services Entice the Customers

Whether it is information about banking or health, customers seek for secure service so their data cannot be infiltrated. As we mentioned in the introduction that in the initial years of online gambling, users were afraid about the security of their banking information and the fair gameplay. But over the course of time, this industry has become hack-proof and succeeds in winning customers’ trust.

Similarly, the health records of the patients are also very crucial information and that is why they should be kept in confidentiality. Along with digital health records, all the personal information of the customers mentioned in healthcare policies such as financial and individual data should also be secured and patients should be known about it. This way they can know about security and it would a bridge of the trust between patients and healthcare businesses.