The Uncommon Ways to Consume CBD

Most people still choose to take the basic CBD products; CBD oils, CBD capsules, and the like. However, as the market expands new products are being introduced all the time. These products are getting more unique as time goes on. Nevertheless, there is a market for “unique” CBD products, and some consumers definitely enjoy them. Here are looking a few of the most unusual ways to take CBD. 

CBD Bath Products

CBD bath bombs work as a regular bath bomb in that you dissolve it into a hot bath and simply soak in it, letting the ingredients work their magic. Among other benefits, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is used for inflammation, whether it’s eczema or pain, which infuses CBD into its natural, mineral- and botanical-rich bath salts. Dissolving a CBD-infused product, like bath salts or a bath bomb, into hot water and soaking in it helps expedite the process of CBD absorption into the skin and bloodstream through the pores. 


CBD Crumble

CBD Crumble can consist of as much as 99% CBD. It is the result of an extraction of a cannabis plant, often a hemp variety (cannabis with low THC levels). Once extracted, the substance is left to set, either naturally or in an oven, until it forms a waxy, crumble-like consistency. Probably the most common way to consume CBD crumble is by vaporizing or ‘dabbing’. Dabbing is the process of heating a small amount of crumble until it vaporizes and then inhaling the vapor. This can be done with a dab rig (similar to a bong) or with a dabbing pen.

CBD Inhalers

The most common types of inhalers are used to treat asthma. Inhalers are life-saving devices because users can carry them in a pocket or a purse at all times, and quickly get a dose of medication if they are having an asthma attack or another serious medical issue. CBD inhalers appear similar to inhalers used to treat asthma and other respiratory problems. The devices create an aerosol spray mist when used that consumers can inhale to get a quick dose of CBD. What’s beneficial about CBD inhalers is that they deliver a precise dose per puff. When using things like CBD creams, tinctures, or concentrates, it can be difficult for users to measure out and get an exact dose. This can be especially difficult for users who are new to taking CBD.

CBD Toothpicks

A CBD toothpick is just a traditional toothpick coated in CBD oil. If you have a habit of sucking on toothpicks, then this might be to your advantage. Depending on the brand, you could suck on the pick for up to 45 minutes and receive all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD. Once you have used it to pick your teeth clean after a meal, simply begin sucking on it for at least 20 minutes. You can also suck on one throughout the day for a quick CBD hit, you should rotate the toothpick periodically for the best results, and to ensure that you absorb all the CBD.

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