How to Prepare an Auto First Aid Kit for Any Emergency

Updated on February 5, 2022

What happens if you’re on the road and someone gets injured? Do you have an auto first aid kit handy to supply you with all your needs? Take a few moments to look through your car and glove compartment and see what first aid equipment you have inside your vehicle. 

Have you gathered a few items, but aren’t sure what all you need? Continue reading below for our guide on how to prepare your very own first aid kit for your car. 

A Few Over-the-Counter Medications

You never know when you might find yourself driving a long distance and suddenly get struck with a headache. Because of this and other possible medical issues that can occur while driving or while in a car, you should have a few over-the-counter medications in your first aid kit. 

Some of these medications should include headache reliever, fever reducer, allergy medication, cold medication, and others. 

Some Emergency Items

Your first aid kit should hold some emergency items in it as well. Be sure to have a cell phone charger for the car in case there’s an emergency and your phone dies. Flares, blankets, sunscreen, and a flashlight with batteries are also necessary items. 

In some situations, an injury in the car might be due to an emergency car situation, so you should prepare for both. Jumper cables, a spare tire, and a car jack are all necessities as well. 

A Variety of First Aid Supplies

Have a variety of first aid supplies in your first aid kit also. Sure, you need to have bandaids, antibacterial ointment, gauze pads, and tape, but there are some other items to keep in there as well. 

Consider keeping hand sanitizer and soap, scissors, tweezers, Q-tips or cotton balls, disposable gloves, plastic bags, eyewash, and hot and cold packs too. Be sure to have a first-aid manual as well to help guide you through different first-aid situations. 

Some Supplies for Children and Pets

If you have children or pets in your car at any time, then you’ll need to plan first aid for them as well. There are certain items that children and animals need that you might not already have in your first aid kit.

Even if you don’t have children or pets inside your vehicle often, it’s nice to have these items in your first aid kit just in case.

These items include bug repellent, chamomile cream, and diapers. For your pet, you might need to bring an extra leash, a muzzle, and all of the vet’s information. 

What’s in Your Auto First Aid Kit?

Is your auto first aid kit complete? To ensure your kit is complete, have all of these items listed above included in it. Having all of these items will ensure you’re prepared for any emergency that might come your way.

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