The Relationship Between Online Gaming and Physical Health: The Pros and Cons

Updated on January 22, 2022

Ever since video games made their first appearance in the 1990s, people have been debating the health impacts of technology and gaming worldwide. The gaming industry continues to grow more powerful, and the internet is becoming more advanced, which is making the iGaming companies boom.

 Because of this symbiotic relationship between technology and games, it’s no surprise that online gambling has a a consistent and rapid growth. Websites like Casumo online casino in NZ are becoming increasingly popular. But what are all of these online games doing to our health? In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the pros and cons of being constantly exposed to online gaming.


While some would have you believe that there are no benefits to online gaming, this is not true. Video games exercise the brain, and some scientists think they can benefit certain mental disabilities. Playing certain games can increase brain matter, refine focus and improve memory. By playing merely 30 minutes of games a day, you can improve your brain function.

Some games even provide physical exercise, such as 3D and exercise games which have been introduced and developed only in the last few years. Playing an interactive game for a few minutes each day can improve your cardiovascular health.

Lastly, video games can improve your eyesight. Because the eyes are exposed to various bright colours. Even your vision, hand-eye coordination, and colour perception are sharpened.


Damaging effects from online gaming are often associated with playing too much or gambling addiction.

Carpal tunnel is one of the biggest culprits of spending too much time online. In such a case, the nerves in your wrist become inflamed, causing pain and numbness. Similarly, the tendons in the thumbs can become inflamed, resulting in what is known as “gamer’s thumb.”

In contrast to games that require physical participation, gaming has long been blamed for spikes in obesity. People who are stationary for extended periods (who sometimes eat while they play) can easily gain weight and develop associated conditions like diabetes.

Also, in contrast to the eye benefits that video games can provide, too much time in front of a screen can result in eye strain, which can cause migraines and broken concentration.


Ultimately, like most things in life, online gaming is best when enjoyed in moderation. As with alcohol, food, and television, spending a few minutes a day playing some games will not cause any lasting damage. In fact, you might even reap some benefits. But when you start spending too much time playing online, you could find it negatively affecting your life and health. If you find yourself experiencing any of the detrimental symptoms described above, you might want to consider getting help and making a few changes.

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