Foot Care: 6 Good Habits To Adopt Today

Updated on January 19, 2022
Male orthopedist checking patient's foot in clinic

The average person takes around 5,000 steps a day, and it can go beyond double depending on the level of activity. Undoubtedly, constant physical movement can cause strain in any body part, particularly on someone’s feet. However, not everyone knows how to take good care and maintain the health of their feet. In extreme cases, some may even neglect hygiene which causes health issues to their feet which may lead to more serious conditions.    

While it’s often overlooked, taking care of your feet is as vital as any self-care routine that you follow. Here are some suggestions you can consider to ensure that your feet are getting the attention and care that they need:   

  1. Address Critical Issues Immediately    

Critical foot ailments like those that cause inflammation and pain may affect one’s mobility. Here are some examples of serious foot ailments that would need immediate medical attention:   

  • Heel pain   
  • Diabetic Neuropathy   
  • Bunions    
  • Hammertoes   
  • Achilles’ tendon disorders   

Depending on several factors, some foot ailments may require corrective foot surgery. For instance, your doctor may recommend it if the ailment can deform your feet or if it’s getting in the way of your lifestyle. Also, having corrective foot surgery may be considered as an option if other treatments fail. To get more accurate information, it’s best to consult a podiatrist right away if you’re feeling any pain or discomfort on your feet.   

  1. Treat Skin Issues   

The skin that covers the feet is prone to hardening, damage, and infection due to constant friction with footwear. Some of the most common skin issues on the feet include:    

  • Corns and Calluses    
  • Blisters    
  • Warts    
  • Athlete’s foot    
  • Cracked heel    

Apart from the discomfort these conditions bring, some may also affect the feet’ appearance and a person’s mobility in extreme cases. As such, it’s vital to treat them right away before they get worse. While some may be treated at home with over-the-counter medication or home remedies, others may require medical attention depending on the severity of the ailment.    

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  1. Eliminate Foot Odor

Unpleasant odors coming from the feet may be caused by the following factors:   

  • Overproduction of sweat   
  • Fungal and bacterial growth   
  • Accumulated dirt inside the shoes   
  • Poor hygiene   
  • Open wounds caused by untreated skin conditions   

Some common tips for eliminating foul foot odor include using a foot powder to minimize moisture on the skin’s surface and using antibacterial soap and ointment recommended by a dermatologist. To maintain the cleanliness of the shoe’s interior, you should also change your socks daily and allow the shoes to air out before using them again.   

If your feet tend to sweat profusely, it may be helpful to use shoes made of leather, mesh, or canvas which are some of the most breathable materials available. This way, air can circulate your feet which would help remove extra moisture.    

  1. Follow Basic Foot Care Routine    

Here are some steps you could take to care of your foot health and hygiene regularly:    

  • Clean your feet using soap and warm water, though it may be best not to soak them for too long because it may cause dry skin.    
  • Moisturize and massage your feet every day with lotion or cream. If you have cracked skin, you can use petroleum jelly to alleviate dryness.    
  • Ensure proper fit for your shoes so your feet won’t be too constricted and the skin won’t be damaged due to friction.    
  • Rotate your shoes. Wear a different pair each day so that you’ll have enough time to air each one out before you use them again.     
  1. Take Care Of Your Toe Nails    

Trimming your toenails regularly will make them less likely to accumulate bacteria and dirt that causes many types of skin infection. Apart from its hygienic benefits, keeping your nails at an ideal length can help you avoid having hangnails and ingrown toenails that can cause pain and discomfort.    

To clip your toenails effectively, you’ll need a clipper to cut the nail straight across. Then, smoothen the corners using a nail file or an emery board.     

  1. Select Proper Footwear    

When selecting footwear, you must check for proper fit and the height of the heels and soles. This way, you can ensure that your feet won’t be too strained while wearing them. It’s also essential to pick the proper footwear based on where you’re going and what activity you’ll be doing.    

If your lifestyle requires you to stand for extended periods or be on a constant move throughout the day, your feet may end up feeling too tired or painful. As such, you can consider wearing comfortable shoes with enhanced features specifically designed to provide added support and comfort for the user.    


Taking care of your overall foot health may require you to change a few parts of your routine and allocate time and resources for medical consultations as needed. Though it may require some effort, none of them would be wasted if they can help improve your overall health and wellness. The feet are as significant as any part of the human body, and investing in their care and protection would undoubtedly be a wise decision.