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The Power of Intuitive Reading

You may ask why intuitive readings? Why not psychic or fortune-telling readings? Neither is less or more, but in this article, you are about to find out what makes intuitive reading powerful.

It may appear to be a top task to live up to for the reader, but people are often more receptive to have sessions with one who stands by their innate abilities rather than one who leads readings by some people-pleasing tactics like fortune-telling.

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Intuitive reading focuses on the evolutionary aspect of the individual – their present state and potential. Whereas fortune-telling, for instance, has a history of functioning as a form of escapism and entertainment. And psychic readings often focus on conclusions and prophecy about the past, present, and future. 

Intuitive readings are never the same. They never follow one solid protocol for all clients.

Intuitive readings can consist of:

• Therapy-like sessions, where the reader asks the individual questions to process, eliminate what is not needed, activate the new, and empower them from the inside out.  

• Emotional, physical, mental, etheric, or psychic body surgeries – especially for those who are highly sensitive and hold an extra-sensitive awareness and strength to handle these kinds of processes.

• Exploring past life events, re-creating new memories, and transmuting the repressed energies.

• Restoring memories of the individual’s innate abilities. The reader supports the individual in accessing their own ability to create and heal themselves. 

• Navigating one’s personal and soul mission/journey in this lifetime by connecting to the Akashic records, plus other spheres of consciousness. 

• Connecting to the individual’s higher self and spiritual guides.

Intuitive readings are not just a one-time boost but an actual and potent restoration. Often, intuitive readings help awaken dormant energies (personal/spiritual gifts) in the individual, which makes these readings exceptionally transformative. 

The power of an intuitive reading lies within the mutual agreement between the reader and the client/receiver; when the client sets an appointment with the reader, an agreement forms(both physically and energetically), where both parties will gather for one purpose – the client’s wellbeing/healing. Thus, the most significant component in an intuitive reading is the willingness of the client to receive and act on the guidance given. 

Because without the receiver, there is no giver. 

Lastly, make sure to seek a reader who uplifts, reminds, and points you to your potential. Seek a reader whose focus is on your wellbeing (the client/receiver) – not on their egocentric reputation.

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