The Next Gen Optometry Tech That Healthcare Must Embrace

Updated on April 29, 2022

In this age of smartphones and tablets, it’s apparent that the once-elusive field of optometry is beginning to shift its focus. As we make better use of devices in our day-to-day lives, so must the tools we use in our vision care.

As tech continues to evolve and prioritize humans as consumers over machines, this new breed of optometry tech is poised to benefit consumers and practitioners alike. Practitioners can reach out to optometry buying groups to access such technology. These technologies can help people see better, feel better about themselves, and look better. 

Next Generation of Optometry Tech

The next generation of optometry technology is here. What does that mean for practices like yours?

  • Technology has changed since you started your practice. And it will continue to change in the years to come.
  • Technology is always changing, but with each new generation of tech comes a whole new set of opportunities and challenges for your practice.
  • Your practice can be left behind by other practitioners who have leaped into the future! 

It can be why eye care professionals are being called on more than ever before to embrace these technologies: 

  • Having a clear understanding of these innovations can mean fewer misdiagnoses for patients who get their prescriptions from other sources (such as their general practitioner or another optometrist)
  • Better adherence from patients who are used to getting their eyes examined by another professional rather than by themselves
  • Greater ability for practitioners to work with a wide range of patients who seek their services out of need rather than convenience (like those who have insurance plans that prevent them from seeing an independent provider)

AI – The Future

AI is the future of healthcare. Digital technology has already helped revolutionize industries within healthcare, and it’s only up from here. It’s become a part of our daily lives, yet we often take its influence for granted. With that said, AI is crucial to the advancement of optometry tech. It will have far-reaching effects on our vision-related industries over time.

AI has already begun to have an impact on the healthcare industry. As with any other digital technology, AI relies on the processing power provided by a computer running software applications. In this case, apps that get based on image recognition technologies. 

This type of application can be extremely helpful in increasing the quality of life for people suffering from chronic conditions. These can include diabetes and high blood pressure while decreasing costs spent on unnecessary doctor visits and hospitalizations due to false alarms resulting from misdiagnoses.

Tilt, Shift, and Focus

With an easy-to-use tilt, shift, and focus illusion, the lens shift function will allow you to create images that have more focus and are sharper than ever before. Whether it’s landscape shots or portrait photography, you will be able to create amazing photos from now on. 

If you like taking pictures of the stars at night, this is the perfect tool. It allows for a much more accurate image than traditional lenses with a wide field of view.

Ultimate in Eye Comfort

Technology has come a long way since the time of the pharaohs, and, as it stands now, we get more plugged into our devices than ever. The constant barrage of notifications and messages can be distracting, but it can also mean better access to information when you need it most. 

As people age, however, eye comfort becomes so much more important than being able to read a text from a friend on Facebook.

Fortunately, new technologies on the horizon are there for those who want their eyes to remain healthy throughout their lives. These can help ease any discomfort that comes with eye strain or sore eyesight. 

Look good, and you will feel good, they say, and it’s true—after all, your eyes are the window to your soul.

The eyes are the most expressive part of the body. What’s more, they are often the first thing that people notice when they meet you. So, getting rid of dark circles or puffy bags beneath them will instantly make you seem healthier and happier (and may lead others to assume that you sleep better than you do). 

Such a confidence boost can be priceless for those looking to gain an edge in their professional lives (or at least on Tinder).

Plus, we think it’s safe to say that your eyes are one of the most important things about yourself, so why not give them some extra love? Improve your vision with optometry tech today!


Could optometry tech help provide a more inclusive world? The answer is yes! Optometric technology doesn’t just help people see better; it helps them look better and feel better about themselves, too. 

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