Discover The Benefits Of Using a Femi.eko Menstrual Cup

Updated on April 30, 2022

One of the best ways to reduce the costs associated with menstrual pads is to use a menstrual cup. A menstrual cup is a device that collects menstrual blood and allows you to continue your activities without changing pads or tampons.

This article explains what a menstrual cup is, how it works, the advantages of using this innovative product, how to choose the right menstrual cup and how to recycle it. Read the article and discover useful information about the menstrual cup, a modern, healthy and effective solution for all types of menstrual flow. 

Discover what stress-free menstruation and what #fărăstop menstruation means with Femieko, the Danish brand that cares for women’s intimate health.

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a medical device that collects menstrual blood and allows you to perform daily activities without changing pads or tampons. The FemiEko menstrual cup is a reusable menstrual cup made of 100% German quality medical silicone. 

What are the advantages of using a menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup has several advantages, including being a safer and more hygienic way to manage menstrual blood. The menstrual cup is a convenient solution for managing menstrual flow and can easily be worn during physical activities without feeling inside. The menstrual cup has an adjustable end, which means it adapts to the needs of every body. 

Advantages of menstrual cups: 

  • safe against stains
  • hygienic
  • healthy, chemical-free and no risk of irritation
  • comfortable 
  • reusable
  • environmentally friendly
  • economical solution

Other benefits of the menstrual cup:

  • can relieve menstrual cramps
  • improves self-esteem
  • makes you forget you’re on your period
  • saves you monthly purchases of disposable pads and tampons
  • saves tons of intimate waste from ending up in landfills

How do you use a menstrual cup?

Although using a cup is a relatively simple process, it’s important to understand how a menstrual cup works before you use it. The menstrual cup is used as follows: 

1. The menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual blood. 

2. There are a variety of ways to insert a menstrual cup, some Femieko cups may include an innovative applicator for ease of insertion.

3. Once placed in the vagina, the menstrual cup will collect menstrual blood and you can continue your activities as normal. It can be used for up to 10 hours without the need to change pads or tampons every 3-4 hours.  

4. The menstrual cup should be emptied at regular intervals, depending on your menstrual flow. When it is time to remove the menstrual cup, the vacuum created should be broken, and then simply pull it down and empty the contents into a toilet bowl. 

5. Then wash the menstrual cup thoroughly with warm soapy water before reinserting it. Sterilise the menstrual cup by boiling in water for 20 minutes on the stove or in the microwave using the Femi Eko steriliser for 5 minutes. 

Choosing the right menstrual cup

Before you buy a menstrual cup, there are a few things you need to know:

1. Menstrual cup: Size

There are several sizes of menstrual cups available. Size is an important factor because the cup will need to fit snugly inside your vagina to avoid leakage. Some cups are larger than others and you will need to choose the menstrual cup size that fits you perfectly. 

  • Menstrual cup – size A (4 cm)

Menstrual cup size A is recommended for women with low to high menstrual flow, are under 30, no childbirth, medium cervix.

  • Menstrual cup – size B (4.6 cm) 

Menstrual cup size B is recommended for women who have given birth, are over 30 years old, high menstrual flow, high cervix.

  • MINI menstrual cup (3.8 cm) 

From June, Femi Eko is launching a new product tailored to specific needs. The menstrual cup is designed for women with low cervix, but especially for the anatomy of teenagers and virgins, with a small diameter but a long tail to be adjusted to different anatomies. Find out more on the Femi Eko website and discover if the MINI is the menstrual cup for you.

2. Menstrual cup: Material 

There is a wide range of materials used to make menstrual cups. The most commonly used are silicone or latex, but there are others available. The material is important because it will affect the comfort and safety you will have when using it. The Femieko cup is made of high quality medical silicone, which is soft and velvety.

3. Menstrual cup: Design 

There are different designs of menstrual cups available. For example, some cups are easier to insert and remove than others. The design is an important factor in choosing the cup because it ensures comfort but also safety during use. The Femi Eko menstrual cup has a 4-hole removal system and a leak protection ring, as well as a circular petal-like design. The cup’s hinge is the longest on the market offering versatility in use by women with different anatomies.  

4. The test for choosing the right menstrual cup

If you don’t know which menstrual cup to choose, you can take an online test and easily find out which type of cup is right for you. In addition to that, with the test you will go through various medical topics, so for example if you experience repeated candidiasis, the test recommends products that take care of your health. The test is available here

Is the menstrual cup comfortable? 

This is a question often asked. In short, the answer is yes. The menstrual cup is an intimate device designed for safety during menstruation, with attention to everything from ensuring comfort to making the device from 100% medical silicone with a velvety texture. The menstrual cup is safe, effective and comfortable.

There is an adjustment period, however, when you switch to using a menstrual cup. Therefore, you should be patient and try to get used to the cup for at least 3 periods before drawing a conclusion of compatibility.

How do you recycle a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup can be used for 2-5 years. It is recommended to sterilise the cup at regular intervals and to store it in the bag received when purchased. 

After the recommended period of use, the menstrual cup can be recycled like any other item made of environmentally friendly materials. There are several ways to recycle a menstrual cup, but the most important thing to remember is to clean it properly before recycling. Some companies offer recycling programs for silicone products, so you can send the cup to any company that specializes in recycling silicone products. Otherwise, you can recycle it along with your plastics.  

The menstrual cup provides safety and comfort during menstruation for a long period of time. It is medically safe, environmentally friendly and economical.

If you are not convinced that a menstrual cup is for you, we tell you that there are modern solutions for menstruation that are just as healthy, comfortable, environmentally friendly and economical as menstrual pads, reusable pads or menstrual panties.

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