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Updated on May 19, 2021

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Schools have had to make many adjustments over the past year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. These adjustments and changes have been difficult for everyone, especially schools who have had to deal with the transition to remote learning and all the complications that come with that.  Although the situation can be complex, one way to ease these transitions is to have a set of pre-made documents that can make changes go easier and the lessen the impact of future changes; moreover, having organization continuity will allow schools to be in a better position to fulfil their role both socially and financially for private institutions. 

Back to School Student Survey

As any new school year starts, it is important to get an understanding of the students and how they feel about the upcoming school year. This is especially true this year as many students will return from a Covid-19 stalled school year and will either be returning to an in person environment for the first time in a while perhaps or be continuing their online education Either way having a good understanding of how the students are feeling about the upcoming academic year is paramount if you want to put them in the best position to succeed.

Online you can find many different printable or downloadable premade PDF surveys like the ones found at LuminPDF which are useful in helping you determine what your students are feeling and thinking about the coming year. There are a variety of these forms online and they can ask a range of questions such as: How do you feel? What do you expect to learn? Do you feel comfortable in your academic setting? and what can the school/organization do in order to improve your experience. These surveys are useful and easily available online.

Editable High School Diploma Templates

It is important as a school to give proper recognition to those who succeed and finish their studies at school, and one of the crowning achievements of a young person’s life is their completion of their secondary or high school education. This is why having the right diploma is important since it will be something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. There are many PDF fillable forms online that you can use as a template to create the diploma. Customized diplomas with names and achievements will mean a great deal to students who have worked hard for many years to attain an achievement that they and their families will be proud of.

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Maths Practice Test

Tests can make people have a wide range of emotions due to the levels of stress and excitement that proceed them. Having oneself be tested and evaluated is always a challenge, especially when the subject is so objective as mathematics. Such tests can be difficult in themselves due to the content but a school can eliminate much of that stress with well made practice tests which can often be found online in PDF form. Helping students prepare for a test or major exam gives them a better opportunity to succeed  in an otherwise difficult situation since preparation builds confidence.

Scholarship Thank You Letter

Receiving an offer of a scholarship for academics, athletics or any other accomplishment is an outstanding achievement of merit that is worthy of celebration and personal satisfaction. It is important to realize not everyone will not have such an opportunity and that it is important to be grateful for such a chance even if it was well earned. This is why writing a kind thank you letter to the school or institution that offered you is a polite way to respond.

Some nice things to include in such a thank you letter would be, how thankful one is for the opportunity, even if the scholarship offer is to be declined. This is a good way to show respect to the institution or school that was so impressed with the students achievements that they offered the scholarship. Once you decide to write such a letter, a good place to start is with a free PDF template specifically suited to this kind of letter since it needs to be written and formatted in a certain way relative to the thoughts and feelings you wish to convey to the scholarship offering school/individual or institution.

High School / College student Resume

High School is a big part of a young person’s life and some of these schools require an application, this is largely true of private institutions. So how should you go about applying for one. The first step is identify where you want to go in the details involved in the application and the next step would be to complete a resume using an online or downloadable PDF template suited for this and begin the application process.

While applying to High School is difficult, getting into the right university can be even more stressful due to the impact on your life going forward and career possibilities afterwards. With this in mind it is important to be able to write the best possible resume that shows your credentials, accomplishments, skills, goals and motivations that will demonstrate to the university or college just who you are. As with the High School resume, there are online templates that can assist in building the perfect resume that will help get the college’s attention and illustrate why they should take notice.

Graduation Invitation Templates

Whether it is from High School, College or University, graduation is one of the biggest moments in a person’s life. Of course people must be invited to attend this ceremony so they can see the accomplishment for themselves and take part in the celebration. Just as with many other important moments and celebrations, Invitations must be sent out in advance to notify people when and where to be. Such information is outlined in many of the online PDF templates related to graduation.

No matter if someone is graduating, getting a diploma, taking practice tests or just writing a thank you letter, there are important aspects of student and academic life that require well formatted and organized writing that can be made easier through fillable forms like can be found online. These free PDF templates allow for a well constructed document that achieves its purpose for all involved.

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