Role of Nurses in Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Updated on May 19, 2021
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Nurses were always a historical symbol of compassion when it came to providing care for their patients. Their knowledge and skills enable them to be the most prominent pillar of healthcare systems worldwide. With new and improved technologies rapidly making their way into the healthcare industry, a nurse’s role inside a professional healthcare facility is more important than ever. Such a thing also applies to the operation rooms and wards as well as behind the scenes.

While administrative duties and patient care are the core competencies of being a nurse, medical facility owners seek their input and insights to make better management decisions. And they need them to develop vital work-related policies. Apart from such a thing, nurses are also making giant strides for healthcare’s future as they participate in the community on social and political levels. There is no doubt that nurses are now playing an influential role in the medical healthcare industry. There is a chance that they will transform it for the good of humankind. Listed below are a few ways that allow nurses to transform the healthcare industry for the better.

Nurses Are Pursuing Further Education

Now more than ever before, countless nurses, regardless of their age and educational backgrounds, are heading back to medical school to pursue further education. A need to stay current and devotion to lifelong learning enables them to have an edge that many are utilizing far and beyond the typical hospital and clinical settings. Most nursing schools offer aspiring nursing candidates numerous degree options to hone their knowledge base and skills to offer the best patient care possible. 

For example, a masters of nursing online degree allows busy nurses to work while acquiring an advanced education a the same time. If you are a nurse candidate who wants to make a difference, then consider obtaining a formal education to do your part!

More And More Nurses Are Taking Up Leadership Roles

The nursing profession went through a massive shift in the last ten years or so, with more nurses hanging up their stethoscopes and taking the initial step into the boardroom. Modern nurses now play a critical role in the future of patient care and overall healthcare systems. The value a nurse adds with their experience to the healthcare system is somewhat impossible to ignore, making them the most sought-after leaders of the new generation.

In the end, it is all about creating opportunities for the best nurses to rise to the top and play their parts in influential roles. For the first time in a long time, openings are available for nurses to step in and become a vital part of the conversation. Long gone are the days when nurses were only a part of the hospital floor. However, due to increased healthcare demands, it was a no-brainer for upper management to allow nurses to become decision-makers.

Nurses are At the Frontline of Patient Advocacy

Nurses are born to be advocates. It is so because a nurse spends his or her entire professional life advocating for individuals while applying their skills and strengths in the nursing field. Harmony and empathy are the main factors that allow them to build such everlasting relationships with their patients. Such a thing happens because nurses spend their entire time interacting and treating patients personally while advocating for their fair treatment.

Nurses are fast learners, and such a character strength is just as important as any other trait that a nurse brings to the healthcare field. After all, a nurse is the first healthcare professional a patient encounters.

Nurses Are Changemakers And Community Leaders

The empathy and compassion a nurse brings to the table don’t stop when they go home. Nurses everywhere are actively investing their time and effort in their communities to create a spark to improve the lives of everyone around them. Their passion and commitment to the cause ‘that everyone deserves equal treatment’ promotes a positive change on a local and international level.  

Nurses act as role models to people living in their local community. They lead by example and bring patient care to the general population, irrespective of whether they can afford it. Nurses are also bringing attention to issues plaguing the community, helping community leaders work for better, more affordable healthcare solutions.

Nurses Are Promoting A Healthcare Culture

Over the past decade or so, the healthcare industry’s focus is slowly shifting from simply treating an individual’s particular healthcare issue to a broader vision of treating their entire ailments, be it mental or physical. A healthcare culture strives to provide treatments to a patient as a whole being. According to many healthcare experts and leaders, such a change is only possible if the top brass is on the job. i.e., nurses!

We know that it will take a lot of effort and hard work across many sectors. However, we can rest assured that the single most capable healthcare professional, a nurse, will be on the job because they approach patient care from a holistic perspective.


These days, nurse practitioners prove their effectiveness in providing low-cost, high-quality care services through countless opportunities. However, it will always remain unclear how healthcare reform efforts will evolve patient care delivery. Nurses will play a vital part in the future of healthcare services worldwide!

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