The Most Important Changes In Healthcare SEO For 2022 That You Need To Be Aware of

Updated on May 31, 2023

The simple fact is that we live in a digital age. Almost everything is now digitalized, theoretically making it easier for people to access services, information, and even medical care.

But, the downside of this reliance on technology is that businesses need to adapt faster and be constantly ready to evolve, depending on what new obstacle or change is occurring. In short, if you are in the healthcare industry you are going to need to be ready for certain SEO changes.

Website Design

Your existing website may be well designed and functional. However, you are still going to want it checked over by the professionals in medical website design. The simple reason is the global pandemic has encouraged more people to use digital services.

This means you need to verify the accuracy of your content and ensure you have links to relevant authoritative sites.

More importantly, you need to investigate newer technology, such as a QR code. These have become increasingly popular and many older people are now familiar with the technology, making them a valuable way of reaching new customers. 

Voice Searching

Alongside a new affinity for technology, many older users have started to embrace voice technology. People are searching in cars on mobiles and at home via specific tools such as Alexa.

You will need to check the SEO content on your site to ensure the relevant phrases are available. This is the most effective way of ensuring you still appear high in the rankings when people are searching via voice technology.

Unique Content

In the past good content with plenty of keywords was enough to get you up the SEO ladder. However, the number of sites is increasing daily and you now need more to ensure you stand out. 

The best way to do this is to do your SEO keyword searches as usual and then focus on creating unique content. If you are offering content that no one else has online you will rate high in the search results and be seen as an authority on the topic. That’s great for business.

Visualize It

Don’t forget that people are increasingly relying on videos to find out the information they need. You need to make sure your pages have videos that load instantly when people access your page. It will make a difference to your popularity.

Mobiles & Desktop

A relatively new approach to mobile design is known as responsive design. Using this allows your mobile site to look exactly the same as your desktop website. This continuity is essential to maximize your SEO results. 

Google my Business

Creating a Google My Business page allows you to identify the location of your business. This means that people can search locally and you will be listed. You may be surprised to discover that local searches are gaining in popularity. Of course, they have always been important to the medical profession. It’s not easy to treat a patient hundreds of miles away. 

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