Holiday Season Gifts – The 5 Best Cannabis Accessories

Updated on December 14, 2021

With the legalization of marijuana throughout the country, there’s a rise in demand for cannabis accessories.

When we talk about alcohol we don’t shy away from it as it is relatively much legal than marijuana. Needless to say, it is also more vicious than marijuana. But, that doesn’t stop bougie alcohol lovers to have pleasure with class. That’s why there are so many kinds of alcoholic accessories like fancy glasses; wine glass, vodka glass, etc, bottles, and whatnot. So, why not have some fun while smoking pot. Puff..

Whether you casually enjoy weed or have some high standard and aesthetic for it you’ll definitely enjoy smoking weed through a fancy pipe or bong. Cannabis accessories make consuming marijuana fancier and fun. You can also impress your stoner friends with these pieces. and getting along with your stoner friends is important as it enhances the joie de vivre of marijuana. Isn’t it?

Not only that but cannabis accessories are great presents for your friend or a family member who enjoys hashish. So, maybe this holiday season you can be a dope friend and give them a high standard present if you know what we mean. 

But first up, what are cannabis accessories?

Cannabis Accessories

Cannabis accessories are not traditional to this subculture. They are becoming more popular after the legalization of marijuana and businesses jumping into the smoke to make it fun. 

Cannabis accessories are anything from your traditional rolling papers, lighters, pipe to non-traditional bongs, pipes, grinders, and much more. 

So, let’s roll 5 best stuff in cannabis accessories.

1. Pipes and Bongs

Smoking pot has become an art. And let me tell you it’s smokin’. Yes! There’s still demand for vintage pipes and Bongs, but when you have different colors and styles, you can get confused. Even customized smoking tools are accessible to every smoker. 

If we were to list all designs of pipes and bongs you’ll be sitting here all day reading. From spoon pipes, water pipes, terracotta bong, color changing pipe, to nomad pipe options are endless. It all depends upon your preference and what pleases you. Oracle pipes for instance are a trend right now.

For any smoking tool/device go for a vacuum-insulated one. Vacuum-insulated smoking tools keep water cool for a longer time, so you don’t have to add ice cubes every hour to chill smoke.  

2. Grinder

Grinders are essential for a stoner. You may ask- why? Well, simply because it saves your time and efforts; which lends it to the best list. 

For the noobs, you need to grind the weed into smaller bits so you can roll it with paper, put it into a pipe for smoother hits, and maybe cook something edible. Grinders not only grind the stash but also filter out kief from weed. The bottom part of a grinder collects the kief during the grinding. This kief you can use later to cook edibles. Sure there are other means of grinding but it’ll take more time and effort to take away the fun from smoking pot. 

Also, grinders grind the weed more finely, which makes the experience more efficient when consumed and you’ll get smoother hits. One finely grounded hash will last longer than a thick one. That means you’ll have prolonged plus enhanced flavor episodes of smoking. Therefore, grinders increase potency making it money effective. 

Usually, grinders are made up of aluminum or steel, but we recommend a stainless steel grinder. Why so? Because aluminum grinders are subjected to affect your health negatively. We know that consuming aluminum is bad and while grinding stash in an aluminum grinder can get aluminum into the stash due to friction. We don’t want that. Right. That’s why stainless steel grinders are the solution. 

Check out these best stainless steel grinders for you – grinders/stoners. They will give you the smooth smoke and their teeth can last longer than a stash of a lifetime. 

3. Oil Infuser and Decarboxylator

To get the euphoria from marijuana consumption it must be heated to a significant amount this is known as decarboxylation of marijuana. If decarboxylation of marijuana isn’t achieved it wouldn’t be as effective as you want it to be. Decarboxylation is also money effective as it also increases potency. This is because the slow heating of weed enhances its prolonged effect of euphoria. This is the exact reason why weed edibles have a stronger effect than smoking. 

Talking of decarboxylation, Oil Infusers and Decarboxylator are devices purposely made for decarboxylation of marijuana at the right heat. There are other methods of decarboxylation of marijuana but these two are pre-eminent for best results. 

A regular stoner will always appreciate something like these fine products, after all, it’ll save them money and amplify the euphoria Altogether. 

4. Rolling Tray Kits

Although vaping is a cleaner way of smoking, Not all prefer smoking through a pipe or a bong, some enjoy rolling their joints, lighting them, and puffing on. For these fellas, a rolling tray kit is a decent gift as one of the cannabis accessories. A rolling kit has everything to roll a perfect joint; rolling tray, rolling papers, lighter, and rolling tool. The more expensive the kit, the fancier it is and the more items it has. 

Some bougie rolling tray kits will come with all fancy stuff including a grinder, cases, etc. It depends on you how much you are willing to spend. The tray itself is of different types and can also be customized. 

It is also a great gift or choice of accessory for beginners in the world of marijuana. 

5. Weed Cases and Storage

When you are traveling you’ll be needing a case/pouch to pack your rolls. From smell-proof pouches, fancy animal print cases, to acrylic boxes all to carry your Stash. 

And for storing herbs at home, stick to glass air-tight containers primarily. 

Some other accessories for stoners:

  • Tabletop lighters
  • Fancy ashtray
  • Keychain case
  • Stash gearbox
  • Double barrel vape.

That’ll be a wrap on the 5 best cannabis accessories. It’s high time to upgrade your and your friends’ cannabis gear. We will sign off with a seeeesh!! Literally. 

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