The most extensive study on e-cigarettes reveals essential conclusions

Updated on January 3, 2022

Do you think that electronic cigarettes cannot help you to quit tobacco?

Every week, we meet people who tell us: “I started vaping, but it didn’t help me to quit tobacco” or “I spent two weeks with electronic cigarettes, but I have returned to smoking.” 

Well, of course, it is true … but will you ever quit smoking?

Today, we are telling you what science says about electronic cigarettes to quit traditional cigarettes and tobacco … and we will make you smile so that you understand it easily.

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How to quit suit smoking

Suppose that instead of quitting smoking as if you want to lose weight, and instead of having a balanced healthy diet and a little constant sport, what you do is eat only lettuce, lettuce breakfast, lettuce lunch, lettuce snack and lettuce dinner. Then, you go out for a run, the first day 5 km, the second 4 km, the third 3 km, the fourth….

Well, the fourth you don’t go out for a run and have a cold meat sandwich with potatoes for lunch, I assure you!

We come to say that to stop smoking using electronic cigarettes. The operation is the same as everything. It would help if you allowed yourself to be advised.

Talking to the experts of the best vaping shops, the first thing they do is ask you: what do you smoke? What brand of tobacco? How often? And a series of questions that will help us offer you a type of electronic cigarette and liquids that will make you not miss smoking.

You will save money since vaping is much cheaper than tobacco.

You will improve your health since you will stop consuming poison and replace them with water vapour.

In conclusion, you can quit tobacco with electronic cigarettes, but with advice, do not think about doing it yourself because it is likely that you will not succeed.

That is what we are for, we advise you at no cost, and always with a smile, hundreds of our clients have achieved it.

Science and new studies about the electronic cigarette

After the controversies about electronic cigarettes, the United States has demanded more information and research on them. For this reason, a macro-research has been carried out on vapers and electronic cigarettes as a tool to stop smoking. Which has investigated more than 800 peer-reviewed scientific studies.

The report of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine of the United States has analysed the effects of electronic cigarettes on health, from which essential conclusions have been drawn about the consumption of electronic cigarettes.

Besides, we know that e-cigarettes have some health benefits compared to tobacco and traditional cigarettes …

Electronic cigarette is not tobacco.

It is the first conclusion to highlight, since electronic cigarette has nothing to do with tobacco. Therefore, replacing the conventional cigarette with the electronic one reduces exposure to toxic and carcinogenic substances present in tobacco.

While there are 7000 toxic substances in cigarettes, of which 70 are related to the development of cancers, vape capsules contain water, vegetable glycerin (used in the food industry), nicotine acetate and flavourings. All this, supervised by the Ministries of Health of the countries where electronic cigarettes are marketed.

E-cigarettes can be vaped without nicotine.

There is another big difference between tobacco and electronic cigarettes, since we can choose to vape with zero nicotine, another substance that is very harmful to our health and which generates addiction.

When we stop smoking, thanks to electronic cigarettes, we recommend starting with e-liquids that contain nicotine. Thereafter,, the body gradually gets used to reducing it until its complete disappearance.

Vaping gives us complete freedom to choose to smoke with or without nicotine, without giving up the habit that hooks us on tobacco. That is a great advantage for our health.

There is no risk of cancer or respiratory diseases

The study concludes that there is no case of cancer or respiratory illness associated with electronic cigarettes. On the other hand, and unfortunately, there are millions of cases of cancer caused by tobacco.

Therefore, in this case, the use of electronic cigarettes is recommended to quit tobacco.

E-cigs improve the health of the body.

By quitting tobacco and replacing it with electronic cigarettes, it has been shown, according to the study, that there are organs in our body that experience significant improvement.

E-cigarettes and e-liquids help to quit smoking.

The most important conclusion of this study is that making proper use of e-cigarettes among adults help to quit smoking.

The electronic cigarette is the tool used to vape approved liquids that help us to quit the tobacco habit. These liquids can be with or without nicotine. Besides, it is recommended that their use be done under the recommendations of professionals and experts.

Quitting smoking benefits

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