Breastfeeding Is the Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Baby

Updated on December 18, 2021

According to medical data, only 2-3% of women cannot breastfeed their babies due to anatomical abnormalities in the breast structure, breast surgery or endocrine disorders. But in general, every woman should know that her milk is the only and most complete nutrition for her baby during the first six months of life. Therefore, she should strive to follow the rules of successful breastfeeding to ensure that the child is healthy, and therefore the best conditions for the growth and development of his body.

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The first breastfeeding should take place within one hour after birth, in the delivery room. It is significant that the baby receives only colostrum from the mother’s breast in the first days of life. Colostrum fully meets the baby’s needs for calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It contains little fluid, which protects the baby’s underdeveloped kidneys from excessive strain. Colostrum covers the immature intestinal surface, protecting it from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogenic agents. Immune factors help the system prepare for the digestive process. Growth factors activate the baby’s own systems, acting as immunomodulators and growth stimulators.

Following the rules of breastfeeding and a comfortable feeding position will allow the mother to avoid many problems and complications with the breast. The mother should learn how to do this specifically in pregnancy classes, or breastfeeding counselors should help her.

If the relationship between mother and baby is friendly and access to the breast is unhindered, the baby sees the mother’s breast and the mother’s arms as a guaranteed protection against all distress and misfortune. Therefore, if the baby has fallen, hit or scared, it is enough to reassure him/her that he/she has to put his/her hands on the mother’s breast.

Baby formula

But, unfortunately, there are cases when it is necessary to transfer the baby to baby formula. In such situations, this issue should be taken seriously. Many young parents feed their babies with HiPP brand formulas, because their products are made on the basis of the highest quality organic products. These are highly adapted formulas to the composition of breast milk.

For example, HiPP Ha pre formula is ideal for premature babies and babies with low body weight. It is specially formulated to meet the increased nutrient requirements. When the baby has gained weight and is a little stronger, it is possible to switch to HiPP Dutch Stage 1. This formula corresponds to the particularities of the metabolism and digestive processes of children in this age group. It contains the vast majority of whey proteins, taurine, nucleotides, L-carnitine.

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