The Importance of Office Design: The Way Your Office Looks Impacts How You Work

Updated on December 13, 2021

It’s no secret that how your office looks can have a significant impact on how well you work. A comfortable workspace, for example, is more conducive to productivity than an uncomfortable one. The way your office looks affects whether your employees want to work there or not, how much work they can get done, and even how healthy they feel. There’s a reason why offices with bright, airy spaces and lots of natural light have become the norm. It’s not just because they look nicer; it also has to do with productivity and the happiness of your staff. 

Your office is where the magic happens. From managing your team to brainstorming, everything you do is influenced by the design of your workspace. It’s essential to take care of your employees by providing them with an environment they feel comfortable in, and poorly designed spaces will lead to a loss of efficiency, which ultimately lowers employee retention rates. In this article, we’ll cover the importance of office design and how the way your office looks impacts how you work by providing top tips to improve the environment to benefit both you and your employees.

Invest In Technology

Technology has become the backbone of our society and is vital for the success of any business as it provides your staff with the necessary tools to do their jobs more efficiently. Manual processes are on the way out as automation becomes more popular, which provides your team with more free time to work on other aspects of their roles. Additionally, implementing up-to-date technology into your office will improve productivity as your employees will no longer need to spend time waiting for the machines to respond, which would have slowed down processes in the past. Keeping your hardware and software up-to-date will also show your staff that you are invested in ensuring they can do their roles to the best of their abilities, which will improve the overall happiness of your staff members and, as a result, increase productivity. 

Consider Ergonomic Office Chairs

Back pain is a common problem among office workers and can typically be attributed to poor posture as a result of using chairs that don’t provide the necessary back support. In order to ensure that your staff isn’t slowing down due to pain or needing to take extra breaks to reduce stiffness, you should consider the office chair you provide. Choosing an ergonomic office chair will increase the comfort of your staff, which will improve how efficiently they can work in their roles as they will no longer be impacted by back pain from their chairs. If you need expert advice or inspiration when looking for your office chairs, head over to Branch Furniture for the best range when choosing an office chair. They can assist you in all your furniture needs for all your staff. It may also be worth speaking to employees about what they would like to see.

Look Into Adjustable Desks

In today’s modern world, your staff will come in all shapes and sizes, which means you need desks that can accommodate a variety of people. Adjustable desks will help you provide the right environment for every person on your team as they will be able to change the height of the desk to suit their needs. This will allow your staff to work to the best of their ability as they will no longer be hitting their knees on the underside of the desk or struggling to reach items due to it being too high for them. Additionally, if someone on your team is in a wheelchair, you will be able to adjust the desk to them and won’t need to spend more money buying a different desk to fit their needs. 

Create Relaxation Rooms

The workday can be stressful, and every company needs a space where their staff can escape and recharge in order to work to the best of their abilities. Creating a relaxation room, also known as wellness or recharge rooms, will provide your employees with a quiet place where they can get away from the stresses of their day and improve their moods, which will, in turn, increase the overall happiness of your team and their productivity. Relaxation rooms should be separate from other break rooms where your staff bond and should be quiet areas that allow your staff to improve their wellness by listening to music, reading a book, or simply relaxing in comfortable armchairs.

Clear Out The Clutter

Clutter can hinder your day-to-day processes as it makes it challenging for your staff to find what they need to complete client requests, projects, or respond to their co-worker’s queries. Clear out the clutter in your office by providing plenty of trash disposal and recycling points, as well as storage solutions that will help keep things organized. Once you have a well-organized office and the clutter has been removed, your staff will notice the improved environment as it will impact how well they perform.

Improve The Air Quality

The air quality in your office is not only important to creating a positive environment where your staff enjoys increased motivation and productivity; it is vital for the health of you and your employees. Ensure you have the proper air filtration systems in place with a regular maintenance schedule, as this will make sure that the air quality in your office is perfect for the health of your staff and for improving how they work.

Let In Plenty Of Light

As well as making sure the air quality in your office is cleaner and healthier than outside, you should also ensure that you let in plenty of light. Natural light will improve the mood of your staff, which will increase motivation and reduce how often they find themselves in a slump. However, you should also make sure you provide artificial light for the darker months as this will reduce the impact winter can have on the moods of your employees. With enough light in your office, it will create the ideal atmosphere for creativity, which will improve productivity in all departments. 

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