How Can You Support People With Disabilities And Have A More Inclusive Society?

Updated on December 13, 2021

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What is more amazing about today’s society is the willingness of every person to learn and promote betterment for everyone. No one is left behind could be most of society’s philosophy. The inclusivity of people with disabilities is an ongoing effort of the people and the community. As individuals, what can you contribute?

People with disabilities are individuals that are entirely their persons. So, when you see someone like them, you do not have to look at them with such pity. Support is in different forms and shapes. There are numerous ways you can provide your support! 

Working As A Society 

To be successful in the pursuit to a more inclusive society, it will need combined effort from the community. It is also essential so that the community can progress and strengthen safety. Moreover, to build an even progressive and inclusive society, here are a few things you can do:

Improve Facilities And Make It More Accessible For Them.

As a progressive community, it would be best also to upgrade facilities to make them more modernized to accommodate people like them. Having a wider door or preparing a ramp is a great example. Also, if your community is planning a public event, you can have it at accessible locations.

Arrange More Services In Different Areas.

An effective way to connect with people with disabilities is to communicate with other service providers. Activ disability support services are the largest disability services provider in Western Australia.  They offer various services such as accommodation and help people with disabilities to reach out to the local community. 

With equal willingness, connecting society and people with disabilities can be possible. Plus, both parties can learn a thing or two from each other. Aside from this, officials can also implement additional services such as health and other items to give people like them a better living quality.

Recognize Their Talents.

Their talents are one of the underappreciated aspects. They can be seen as warm and kind, but not everyone can recognize their competence. People with disabilities can be one of the most talented people you may know, and acknowledging what they have might change your perception of them.

Directly Communicate With Them.

A progressive and inclusive community is a respectful society. When communicating with people with disabilities, make eye contact and directly start a conversation, even if they are together with their personal care attendants. Engage in a conversation with them and make them feel like you are talking with them.

Hire And Increase Employee Retainment For People With Disabilities. 

This is important because you not only acknowledged what they could do, but you have also utilized their talents. Retaining them and giving them opportunities can show how discrimination is beyond the present time. It would also be best to partner with disability-related advocacy organizations to be more familiar with what’s around to make this efficient and more helpful.

What Can You Do?

Everything must first start at yourself to make the collaborative effort of the community. Aside from that, there are also many ways you can help and support them! Keep in mind that there may also be times when you are causing disturbance or harm rather than helping them. To avoid that, here is a helpful list that can guide you.

  • Ask If They Need Assistance. There may be times when people with disabilities look like they are struggling, but most of them try their best with what may work best for them. So before lending a hand, it would be best to ask before you help.
  • Do Not Stare. People, especially those who have never met a person with a disability before, tend to stare at them. Honestly, they may be a little different than other people, but they are also regular people living in society just like everyone else. You may take a glance, but keep in mind to view them like you would view everyone else.
  • Treat Them As Equals. As mentioned, people with disabilities are just like any other people. Most of them would probably also want to make friends and maintain relationships. Approach them usually without getting afraid or skeptical but ensure to keep the respect. You may never know that they are the most fun at parties!
  • Observe Personal Space. Again, respect is universal, and you must also employ consent to all people. Some people with disabilities are more sensitive to touch, and that is why you must always be conscious of physical touch. Always ask for consent and avoid invading their personal space.


The critical point is that it only takes a little to be kind, and it does not take too much time to think about them. If you want a more inclusive society where every person in the community can live happily, you must take a step now and take initiatives and efforts. After all, progress is progress, no matter how big or small!

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