The Best Medical Apps That Help Providers

Updated on March 16, 2021
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When you woke up this morning, you felt like roadkill! Heinous coughing, sneezing, and fever have you unable to pry yourself out of bed. Thank goodness you have your telemedicine app so you can see your doctor without leaving home!

It seems like getting medical care had changed in the blink of an eye. In 2020 alone, virtual care visits accounted for about 20% of all medical visits in the United States!

In the wake of such a rapid shift, a bunch of new and exciting medical applications has started popping up. Keep reading to learn about the best medical apps you should know about!

Types of Medical Apps

There are a few different kinds of apps you’ll see these days. Some apps aim for providers while others have the patient in mind. As a patient, there are some provider apps that you’ll get benefits from as well!

Some of the most common kinds of health-related apps are:

  • Medical database and reference apps
  • Patient medical record tracking
  • Appointment making
  • Telehealth using video meetings

We’re excited to see what else developers come out with for the next health app technology! After everything that happened in 2020, there are tons of reasons to make sure virtual healthcare is as safe and sustainable as possible.

The Best Medical Apps for Medical Providers

For those who work in the medical field or patients who want to do thorough research, adding a few good apps makes your job easier and saves tons of time! Here are some of the best apps for you to try.


The main purpose of this app is to help primary care physicians to screen, counsel, and recommend preventive medication for their patients.


This app is helpful for both providers and patients. Medscape searches news articles from 34 different health fields to give you all the most current medical news.


Even when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic, organizing seasonal vaccines causes quite a ruckus! This app helps streamline the vaccine process and increases the number of patients you can vaccinate in a day.


This app uses special 3D technology to navigate through the patient’s body. Providers use the app to rotate, cut, zoom and get different perspectives than traditional technology allows.

When the Science of Health and Computers Meets at High Speed

During a widespread emergency, mankind adapts in the face of adversity! This time, that rapid adaptation happened in the field of healthcare to allow patients increased access to caregivers without violating quarantine. 

We’d love to see this increasing trend of virtual medical options continue to grow because it makes healthcare much more accessible to everyone! While you still need to go into the hospital for surgeries and major illness, there’s no more need to risk getting others sick so you can get a note for your boss to let you stay home.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned about some of the best medical apps for providers. If you’re looking for more informative medical technology articles, check out our technology blog section today!

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