The Benefits of E-Bikes and Buying Cheap

Updated on June 13, 2019

Since its invention, bikes could be operated only through physics and muscle power. Today, technology has stepped in to explore new possibilities for bikes. While many are adopting electric bikes, others are unaware of its existence. As the sales are escalating amidst the clash, this article explores if electric bikes are just a fad or a true game-changer in the cycling world.

E-bikes – An overview

The benefits of an e bike are pretty much similar to their traditional forerunners. They can be used as an effective transportation medium, saving money. E-bikes also serve as a great health and fitness-boosting tool. The major difference is the involvement of an electric battery in the e-bike, that facilitates pedaling. Assisted by the battery, pedaling feels much easier and easy to accelerate. All e-bikes, including cheap electric bikes, involve this feature.

Performance Edge

E-bikes have a significant edge when it comes to performance. The motor ensures better tackling of difficult terrains like unfavorable weather and steep hills. They also aid people with issues like asthma and knee pain overcome these barriers and enjoy cycling. For others, the e-bike allows them to ride to work without being immersed in sweat. In a nutshell, e-bikes eliminate the hindrances that pedal bike riders experience.

Different People, Different Choices

Looking at the flipside, e-bikes are more complex, heavy, expensive and even louder. If the battery runs out, an adventure can easily become a torment. The choice of buying or not buying a bike depends entirely on personal preferences. While hardcore mountain bikers are not attracted to e-bikes, tech geeks are enthusiastic about checking out what it has to offer. Some others believe that one should own both. Sadly, financial restrictions often prevent this.

Sticking to the Budget

As mentioned earlier, e-bikes are on the expensive end. However, with proper research, you can find an affordable e-bike that offers great performance and lasts long. With fast advancing power electronics and battery tech, sleeker, more affordable and better models are likely to appear soon. Bikes like the E-go Fat Bike prove this with its powerful build, long-lasting battery and advanced benefits similar to costlier bikes.

The Best Electric Bike for the Money

In order to find an affordable yet well-performing bike, you need to give sufficient time. It is wise to stay away from e-bikes with short lifespans, are extremely heavy and feature shabby batteries. With comprehensive guides available online, you will not have to limit your research do the best e-bike for the money to e-trailers and e-bike kits. The guides bring you the best bikes like the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 that has a mountain design and can run up to 28 miles on a single charge.

Many people claim that one needs to spend at least $1,500 for a decent e-bike. Today, you can refer to comprehensive guides that list the best e-bikes under $1,000, eliminating the need to go beyond the budget. However, you should not go too low, risking having a dying battery or breaking throttle mechanism. Some recommendations for best in class yet cheap bikes include X-Treme Trail Maker and Watseka XP Cargo-electric.

If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can get a great quality product with a warranty and a motor from a reputed manufacturer like Yamaha or Shimano. No matter what your price range, you should conduct some research and find the best bike for your needs. You can also try renting an e-bike for getting a feel.

Commencing the E-bike Journey

E-bikes are definitely here to rock the cycling world. You should carefully weigh the pros and cons of an e-bike to find the best one for yourself. As seen already, e-bikes vary greatly in terms of style, price, quality, and utility. The decision majorly boils down to what you would like to use the e-bike for. Though they are not cheap, they can save you a lot as compared to a car. E-bikes also offer a host of environmental and health benefits, making it a win-win situation.

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