The After Effect of Neck Lift Surgery That You Should Know

Updated on February 25, 2021

A neck lift surgery can help correct and improve the signs of aging shown in the neck. As we age, our skin will start losing its elasticity, and thus cause our skin to sag. The loose skin and muscle, together with the fat, can build-up and make the neck sag. You could also develop jowls. In this case you might be interested in a proper neck lift surgery.

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Look younger with a good neck lift surgery

What is a neck lift surgery?

Also known as lower rhytidectomy, the neck lift is a surgical procedure that is designed to get rid of the aging signs on your neck. This surgery will treat the excess fat and skin on the lower part of the face, the excess fatty deposits under the chin, the muscles that are binding the neck, and the loose skin on the neck.

However, you cannot expect a neck lift surgery to change the fundamental appearance, and it will not stop the aging process. In addition, the neck lift can only be performed surgically, but as you age, the skin will still continue to sag. 

The recovery 

Usually, the neck lift surgery will take from two to three hours do be performed. You will be under general anesthesia or have intravenous sedation. After you recover from the anesthesia, you will be able to go home. But, you need to have somebody drive you home. This is something your doctor will surely tell you, so check out the neck lift in Sydney or talk to a local doctor instead. 

There might be a small tube in the neck that will help drain the fluids that collect under your skin. There will also be sutures at the incision site, and you might be sent home wearing tight bandages. These bandages will help reduce the swelling.

It takes from several weeks to months for the swelling to fully go away, and for you to see the results clearly. A lot of people are asked to rest for a week at home, to fully recover from the necklift surgery. During this time, you might need help doing normal daily tasks, and make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions!

Call your doctor if you are concerned!

While it is normal to experience some swelling and redness, there are some side effects that need to be seen by the doctor. You should call your doctor if you start having a fever, if you experience a lot of swelling, bruising, redness and bleeding. If you feel a lot of pain or you see blood or fluid leak from the incision site… make sure to call your doctor immediately!

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A neck lift can definitely make you look younger 

Final word

As you can see the neck lift surgery is designed to help you look younger, but it does carry its own risks. You will need some help after the surgery, and you will experience swelling and pain. However, if you start experiencing any of the side-effects in the extreme, it is very important that you contact your doctor!

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