Should You Get Eyelash Extensions?


There are different types of lash extensions that you could get, and they are designed to make your eyes stand out. Eyelash extensions have become very popular in the last couple of years. However, the eyelash extensions might not be suitable for everyone so keep that in mind.

Eyelash extensions are different from the temporary false lashes, both in looks and the way they are applies. With different styles you get different outcomes, and the mink eyelash extensions are actually very popular. This all depends on the outcome you were hoping for.

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Eyelash extensions can make a big difference


As for the price, it will vary on the type of extensions you would want, as well as where you will get them done. You should always search for a reputable place that offers this service, if you want to have great results. 

Finding the right placeā€¦

Before you are able to find a good place where you can have your lashes done, you need to take your time and do some proper research. There are many places where you can get lash extensions done, but it is important that you consider their experience as well as check out the overall reviews from their previous clients. 

During the first appointment, your technician will talk about different types of lash extensions until you find the ones that you like. This will also be the longest appointment, and it can last up to two hours. This is why it is recommended that you bring music, or simply have a book on tape and listen to that while having your lashes done.

How is the procedure done?

Your technician will tell you to lay down on your back and get comfortable, because you will be in that position for at least an hour or two. Once you lay down, you will close your eyes, and keep them closed for the full procedure. It sometimes takes a bit of time for people to get used to having their eyes closed while a metal object is very close to their eyes.

The procedure overall is very simple, but it lasts long. In most cases, the clients will just doze off as they are listening to music and get woken up by the fan that the technician will use to help the glue dry faster. The procedure is painless.

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Eyelash extensions make your eyes pop!

Carew for your lashes

This is something your technician will already tell you after the lash extensions are applied, but you are not allowed to wet your face for at least 24 h. This also includes steering away from humid environments. To preserve the lashes gently detangle and clean them with a clean mascara want. You should also not use oil-base makeup remover, as that will make the lashes come off.

Final word

If you would like to have naturally long-looking and dark lashes, the eyelash extensions are the way to go! These extensions will make your eyes look more attractive, by enhancing the length and darkens of the lashes. 

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