Technology Designed to Make Life More Comfortable for Seniors in 2021

Updated on October 21, 2021

The relationship between seniors and modern technology has generally been one of distance and unfamiliarity.  In the past, it wouldn’t have been inaccurate to describe most technology as a source of frustration for someone in their golden years. 

Old Fashioned?

An age group that was brought up primarily on achieving everything the hard way seemed to remain oblivious to the benefits of technology. What seemed like an inability to learn could have been more of an unwillingness to accept the fact that technology was becoming the new normal. Ways of doing things that were once comfortable and familiar were quickly becoming obsolete, and sometimes people approach things they don’t understand with an element of disdain. 

Fast forward to where we sit presently, and things have done a complete 180. Seniors have not only accepted the fact that higher technology and artificial intelligence are here to stay, but many have also embraced it with open arms. Medical applications and gadgets have especially become more common in the lives of seniors. Check out this medical alert button review for details on this technology, This couldn’t come at a better time as certain technological niches and industries are hitting a high point. 

Breakthrough Programs?

Tech companies are releasing programs, gadgets, and interfaces that incorporate elements many seniors can benefit from. The medical industry is one great example of this explosion of advanced technological and electronic breakthroughs. Emergency help alert buttons are a great example of the abundance of options seniors have because of an increase in wireless and electronic technology. 

There are plenty of other spaces and industries these breakthroughs have affected. In this article, we’re going to cover several forms of technology designed to make life more comfortable for seniors. 

Healthcare Advances

We can start with the industry mentioned above, as this is the most obvious. Most seniors have a plethora of healthcare commitments and regimens, relying on a combination of pharmaceutical treatment, varying degrees of therapy and treatment, plus regular appointments with a plethora of physicians. Emergency medicine and the ability to constantly monitor certain physical conditions are also crucial. 

Technology and Medical Fields Collaborate

Technology has substantially increased the efficiency of each of these different healthcare spaces for seniors. These are just a few of the examples of how technology has affected the senior healthcare experience:

  • Seniors can keep up with their treatment and physician appointments better with patient dashboards and all-inclusive medical platforms that do the scheduling and reminding for you. 
  • The ability to take part in remote doctor visits allows many high-risk seniors to continue social distancing recommendations. 
  • Wireless and GPS-enabled communication devices can alert emergency responders if a senior is in distress and needs assistance. 
  • Many systems that monitor patient dynamics have adopted BlueTooth technology, such as heart rate and blood pressure. These systems can automatically log pertinent vital statistic information, avoiding the need for a senior to log these by hand. The information is also routed directly to a nurse or physician, allowing them to monitor a patient’s progress without constant follow-up appointments.

Keeping Them In the Loop

Social media and various video chat platforms have done a great job at giving seniors the ability to remain close to family and reconnect with old friends. Remaining social isn’t easy for the majority of seniors who have issues with staying mobile and attending certain events.

Family Dynamic

Having the option to video chat and keep regular contact with children, grandchildren, and other relatives that might be physically distant, ensures they remain close in spirit. It’s not uncommon to see many seniors taking advantage of social media to reconnect with old friends from school or college that may have been out of contact with them for decades. 

This keeps the important social dynamic intact for a senior who would otherwise suffer from the downfalls of seclusion or loneliness. Technology has completely rebuilt bridges and allowed our seniors to enjoy those precious family moments and time with friends. 

Security and Peace of Mind

In the past, the wellbeing of certain seniors who may have lived alone was anxiety that plagued many friends and family members. With a busy schedule and other regular commitments, it may have been difficult to reach seniors for regular checkups to make sure they’re safe from potential burglars or thieves. 

Standard Security

State-of-the-art security systems,,  and smart-home technology, combined with video technology mentioned in the previous section, have given family members new peace of mind. Not only are trained security professionals constantly monitoring, but you can also check in remotely whenever you find it necessary when these systems are installed. 

Cyber Security 

With more seniors navigating the internet, many seniors that are already easy targets for scammers offline have become potential marks for online predators and scammers.

Security applications and software and credit union and bank protocol have given seniors an extra layer of financial protection. Many programs have settings that make it necessary for senior purchases to be approved before the payment method is authorized. 

Moving Into the Future

Standing at the doorway of a future that contains increasing technological advances and groundbreaking ways that change how we live our lives, there’s something very reassuring about having our seniors reaping those benefits with us. In a rapidly moving world where industries and tech firms compete for the next big advancement or breakthrough idea, there’s sure to be more rewards for seniors to reap!

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