Advances in Technology that are revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Updated on September 6, 2021

Over the past few decades, the number of improvements that have been made In the healthcare industry all due to advancements in technology or innovation is truly something awe-inspiring.  

Some of the things that used to be potentially life-threatening are now easily treatable and do not require the same amount of dread that would have used to accompany them. 

Thanks to these new innovations and technologies, countless lives have been saved and improved.

going through some of the most notable recent advancements in technology that have the potential to revolutionize the health care industry.  

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Life-Saving Technology 

When it comes to recent technology that has been able to save countless lives, the list really is inexhaustible.

The number of new tech innovations that have been developed within the past few decades truly is mindboggling, and it’s something that if we were to take a trip to the past, no one would have ever believed.  

The first example that comes to mind is the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the vacancies that happened to have saved the world. Without the technology to both create the vaccine in the first place as well as produce the vaccines in mass, there would have been so many more unnecessary deaths caused by COVID-19. 

Not only that, but after the vaccine was created it led to a vast number of people asking how to buy Moderna stock which only resulted in more growth and wealth for Moderna, meaning they will have the resources and be able to create another vaccine to combat a different strain if it is needed. 

Although, within the past few decades there has been a plethora of innovations that have been able to save a large number of lives, like the COVID-19 vaccine.

A deadly disease that once would have been a death sentence can now be remedied by taking a few pills and tablets. That disease is HIV. The number of lives that have been saved by innovations similar to this is incalculable.  

All causes of mortality have now been reduced, and we have even found a few ways to battle certain types of cancer, which is one of the few ailments that still pose a long-lasting threat to us.  

Cloud computing & The Digital World 

The rise of the digital era has now well and truly taken place, and you’d be hard-struck to find an industry that doesn’t rely on technology in one way or another.  

The health care industry has recently begun using cloud computing as its main way of storing and exchanging information, which allows all personnel to get access to the same information all on one database.  

In turn, cloud computing offers a wide array of benefits.  clod computing can allow health care professionals to get access to critical information much faster and easier, which can be the difference between life and death in some situations.  

Not only that, but cloud computing just allows the healthcare industry to function more efficiently as a whole.  

The benefits that the healthcare industry is beginning to receive by using cloud computing have only just begun to be seen, and it is likely that cloud computing will be a mainstay in the industry for the foreseeable future.  

The Mindboggling Potential of AI

Last but not least, we cant have a conversation about the most revolutionary innovations without talking about AI.

AI comes in many shapes and forms, but the most notable of which in the health care industry is that of AI surgeons. Sure, at first the thought of an AI surgeon sounds like a dystopian nightmare, but on further consideration, this innovation is bound to save countless lives.

AI surgeons have a plethora of advantages over human surgeons. For one, they can be much more precise, meaning they would be capable of performing complex and delicate surgeries of the lies which would not have been possible by a human surgeon. 

Another primary benefit of robotic surgeons is that they will drastically reduce the number of accidental errors made in surgery, perhaps outright bringing that number to zero. AI surgeons will not have the margin for error that humans have, and this is going to have a substantial difference in the overall number of accidental deaths or preventable deaths that occur during surgery.

As once seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the major issues and complications that occurs during a virus is that of how to handle sick patients. Countless doctors and nurses caught COVID-19 while trying to aid those who were ill with it, which led to a massive shortage of staff due to them having to self-isolate which put further stress on the health care system overall. 

That’s all without mentioning the fact that a vast number of brave doctors and nurses not only had to self-isolate and were unable to work, but also paid with their lives. 

AI surgeons and healthcare staff completely negate this issue, and when/if another pandemic occurs, they will be an extremely helpful tool in the fight.

The technologies that we mentioned throughout this article are but a few of the many amazing up-and-coming innovations that are likely going to be a huge help to the healthcare industry.  

It’s baffling how some people associate a negative connotation to technology when in reality, technology is able to improve people’s lives much more than has ever been capable before.  

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