Tech Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Updated on May 16, 2021

New technological advances are always fun and intriguing. The latest batch, however, is so great you might actually find yourself purchasing one or two.

Your Own Robot

If you are the type of high-tech person who understands terms like network repository function and cloud-based ERP, then you will probably be thrilled to have your own robot. 

Gita is a “following” robot, which means it goes where you go. Unlike the other, less complicated robot vacuum cleaners, gita can “see” you and goes where you go.

Gita has wheels and can carry 40 pounds in its cargo hold. So going to a laundromat, carrying everything for a picnic or just going grocery shopping gita will reliably follow along and you won’t need to carry anything.

Health Equipment

It’s now easier than ever to get and stay fit.

A cool new bike called the Angell E-bike has so many features, it’s hard to list them all. Three of the most important, though, are the screen that shows how many calories have been burned and even indicates the level of air pollution. Also, there is a GPS system built in so no more getting lost and wandering home exhausted after dark.

The Mirror may conjure up images of Snow White’s evil stepmother but it is actually a fascinating piece of fitness equipment. Calling itself the nearly invisible home gym, the Mirror looks and works like a normal full-length mirror. 

However, once turned on, the Mirror allows you to attend fitness classes in real-time or choose from many in its database. In effect, it’s a personal trainer without having to go anywhere.

Another new and helpful device to aid with your fitness goal is the Oura ring. The outside of the ring looks like a normal chunky band and you can choose the metal color and add diamonds if you want. The inside of the ring contains sensors that report on your fitness activities and readings like heart rate and calories burned. 

The Oura ring can even track your sleep cycles.

Match Your Mood

The intensity and color of the lighting in your living space can affect everything from your mood to your level of productivity. It wouldn’t be practical to have a separate lamp or multiple colored light bulbs for every mood you want to produce.

Just by tapping the Lune Light, however, you can get seven different colors and many intensities of whatever color you need at the time. Thi means that you can easily adjust the lighting for your needs whether it’s to relax or host a party.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Lune also uses LED lighting so your electric bill shouldn’t take a big hit no matter how often you use it.

Keep It Clean

It doesn’t matter if you eat only organic food or exercise daily. If the air you breathe every day isn’t healthy, you will still never feel your best. Molekule is an air purifier that gets everything from pollen to viruses out of your indoor air. It’s even used in hospitals.

On the floor, the Dyson V15 Detect vacuum cleaner has a laser that can sense even the tiniest dust particles. It then adjusts its sucking power based on the amount and size of the particles it finds. Its LCD screen lets you know when the room has been deep cleaned.

Finally, the HomeSoap Household Sanitizer is a UV cabinet that sanitizers items that you touch every day like your keys, phone and remote.

Just For Fun

For the ultimate in fun gadgets, consider purchasing your own drone. The aerial photos you can get from a drone are really spectacular and this could turn into a new, fun hobby. Also, some companies such as real estate agencies hire drone owners to get aerial shots of a house or neighborhood.

Some of these cool tech innovations are already coming down in price so if you keep an eye on them, you could end up with some cool equipment at a discount.

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