Surrogacy for pure happiness: Argentina or Ukraine?

Updated on April 3, 2023

International Surrogacy reached the highest level of popularity over the past few years. Families from the whole world are looking for the best option for IVF treatment and Surrogacy Program in the whole world. 

But there are a lot of nuances that must be taken in advance in different parts of the world. 

Let’s consider Argentina Surrogacy and Surrogacy in Ukraine, and get more information about infertility treatment in these countries. 

Surrogacy in Argentina

Argentina is especially known for its well-developed reproductive medicine field, including artificial insemination. Moreover, this is one of the countries where same-sex marriages are legally recognized and allowed for adoption and so on. 

The legal framework around Surrogacy Infertility treatment in Argentina is not cleared out. So these kinds of Programs are in the so-called “gray zone” which has some complications. 

If a pair (gay or heterosexual) wants to start the Surrogacy Program, they must receive the permission from a Surrogate to adopt the child. In such a situation, the Surrogate must waive the parental rights and admit parenthood of at least one from the spouse. 

In practice, the absence of a legal database prevents and complicates such a procedure, because even signed Surrogacy contracts do not have the force and legal basis.  

Surrogacy Programs in Argentina

Because of the “gray-zone” status of Surrogacy in Argentina, many clinics for reproductive health developed different combined Programs. 

The IVF Program is carried out in Argentina, while embryo transfer and delivery of the Surrogate is carried out in another country where Surrogacy is legal and well-developed (Ukraine, for example). 

For now, such a Program is available only for heterosexual families which are officially married.

Such combined Surrogacy Programs cost from $70 000 to $95 000 and even more. Also, you need to take into account the cost for embryo transportation and other additional expenses. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine 

Ukraine is a country with well-developed Reproductive technologies implemented into the Surrogacy Programs. 

Surrogacy is legally approved for both citizen and non-citizen patients.  

For only heterosexual and officially married pairs which have prescription for Infertility treatment as a cause of some fertility issues. 

In ADONIS Fertility you will receive the highest quality Programs for Surrogacy which include a full cycle treatment process in-house:

  • Medical examination (in own up-to-date laboratories)
  • Individual Program selection (and it’s adjustment)
  • Surrogate matching (from own Surrogate database)
  • Donor selection (from own Donor database, on request)
  • Surrogacy Program launch from abroad (in ADONIS Headquarter in the Colorado Springs, USA)
  • Mother School (with a proper Program about baby care)
  • Mother Houses (ADONIS own for your comfort delivery)
  • Legal Department services
  • Translation services (for you documents)
  • Accommodation services
  • And it is not the full list.

If you are interested in ADONIS Programs, please, do not hesitate to contact our managers. Be sure, we are in your timezone and always ready to help you. 

Do not be afraid of Surrogacy treatment. This is a procedure that has already helped millions of people around the world to gain their pure happiness.

Surrogacy in Argentina or Ukraine – choose the country with the most comfort conditions for you and start your Infertility treatment without additional doubts. 

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