StrictionBP Review: Does It Really Lower Your High BP?

Updated on June 19, 2020

High blood pressure is a very frightening condition. It’s something that you don’t realize until it’s too late. By the time you feel the pain in your chest, the tiredness in everyday routine, and your heart beating out of control, you are already in the late stages of hypertension exposed to many severe health risks and ultimately death.

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So your life becomes confined by this fear that your demise may be caused by the very blood that flows through your veins. High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of cardiac arrest and death in people over 45 years of age. So it’s not only important but essential to control high blood pressure and hypertension in its early stages to prevent it from taking over your life.

The primary treatment for hypertension is controlling weight, avoiding cholesterol, cardio, and a balanced diet. But now a supplement is bringing new hope to people suffering from high blood pressure with its amazing results and zero side effects. Yes, I am talking about none other than StrictionBP.

StrictionBP is an all-natural supplement made from specially sourced ingredients that directly combat high blood pressure and hypertension. It is clinically proven and approved by the FDA. Recently the company has been picked up by GNC, making StrictionBP the most credible and trustworthy hypertension supplement on the market.

In this StrictionBP review, we will highlight how StrictionBP is the high blood pressure controlling magic potion that you’ve been looking for.

StrictionBP Review

In this StrictionBP pills review, we will highlight what StrictionBP is and how it works. We will discuss in detail about the ingredients that StrictionBP contains and answer some important questions such as what is StrictionBP? How to use it? What are the benefits? Are there any side effects? Is it safe? And, the most important question of all, Does it really work?

This review has been created by data and conclusions of several independent studies conducted by various parties in scientific trials related to the use and effectiveness of StrictionBP. All information regarding StationBP and reviews on StrictionBP are available freely on the internet.

For more information, you can visit the official StationBP website. You can also find the link to the GNC StrictionBP page at the bottom of this article.

The aim of this StrictionBP reviews is to clear out any doubts and confusion regarding StrictionBP. This StrictionBP supplement review is also meant to give you a well-informed opinion about StrictionBP, so you know what you are buying.

Safe to say after reading this review in its entirety, you will find yourself motivated to try this amazing product and see the fantastic results yourself.

What is StrictionBP?

Striction BP is an exciting new blood pressure management supplement. Containing three very special ingredients that work to control your blood pressure naturally without any side-effects.

Striction BP

StrictionBP provides a unique and proven combination of ingredients that delivers a knockout punch to hypertension. A natural supplement that will help you manage your blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol. For people suffering from hypertension without any improvement, this supplement could essentially change your life.

Ingredients of StrictionBP

StrictionBP’s claim to fame is it’s specially formulated ingredients that are highly effective in controlling blood pressure. StrictionBP contains vitamin B6, Magnesium malate, and a special kind of cinnamon called Ceylon cinnamon. All the ingredients are carefully regulated in required amounts which helps reduce blood pressure, control blood sugar level, control cholesterol level, and boost cardiac health.

The ingredients of station BP contain essential nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants which help boost metabolism, negate the factors causing hypertension and reduce the risk of cardiac diseases.

Let’s take a closer look at the StrictionBP ingredients:

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is a rare variety of cinnamon which is native to Sri Lanka. It is famous for many different health benefits. Studies have shown Ceylon cinnamon is directly associated with reducing blood pressure and visibly diminishing the signs of hypertension.

Magnesium malate

It is the bio-available form of magnesium which is readily absorbed by the body. Magnesium is an essential mineral and it is important for various different metabolic cycles and biochemical reactions in the body. Magnesium malate also helps in reducing hypertension.

Vitamin B6

Almost all the components of the Vitamin-B complex are essential for the body in one way or another. Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is essential for fat and carbohydrate metabolism, the creation of red blood cells, and neurotransmitters in the body. Vitamin B6 is also believed to be a factor in reducing the chance of high blood pressure and ultimately improving cardiac health.

The combination of these 3 unique and special ingredients is what makes StrictionBP a very potent supplement for improving the health of the heart and controlling high blood pressure. It is the best blood pressure support supplement on the market today.

Does StrictionBP work?

According to research conducted by StictionBP, recent data from 22 clinical trials, it has been proven that cinnamon and magnesium have shown to be more effective than blood pressure medications in resolving hypertension and high blood pressure.

Ceylon Cinnamon has been proven in tests to achieve reductions of systolic and diastolic blood pressure of 5.39 and 2.6 mmHg, all by itself. In a well-formulated combination with magnesium, supplemented by a balanced diet and lifestyle changes, the amazing combination has shown to achieve reductions of blood pressure up to 25mmHg – which is more than any blood pressure medication on record.

These astounding results confirm without a doubt that there is no substitute for cinnamon and magnesium for high blood pressure. Furthermore, the bonus is that it comes with no adverse side effects as the ingredients are all-natural.

Striction BP is the one and only 100% all-natural supplement on the market right now that is formulated based on these scientific findings. Striction BP provides a unique and scientifically proven combination of ingredients that delivers a real-world solution to hypertension. It has been proven by the scientific community and enjoyed by our extremely satisfied & rapidly growing number of customers.

How does StrictionBP work?

The StrictionBP formula works with the combined action of its three main ingredients: vitamin B6, magnesium, and Ceylon cinnamon. It combines the cumulative actions of these three very special ingredients to provide the best-in-class suppression of high blood pressure.

Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient. It is necessary for many biochemical reactions and metabolic functions of the body. Vitamin B6 is also responsible to help prevent high blood pressure. It has to do with the inverse relationship between B6 levels and the formation of plaques. Plaque formation or atherosclerosis is one of the key factors behind hypertension or high blood pressure. So by preventing atherosclerosis, Vitamin B6 directly helps prevent high blood pressure.

The next ingredient is magnesium. Magnesium supports the metabolism of food, the function of nerves, and bone health. The recommended dietary intake of magnesium for adults is 300 to 400 mg. Numerous studies have found that an average dose of magnesium of 410 mg for 6 months is associated with significant reductions of blood pressure. The impact of magnesium in immediately controlling blood pressure is small, it significantly helps improve hypertension in the long term.

Cinnamon is well-known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunity-boosting properties. Ceylon cinnamon is especially famous for its numerous health benefits. One of the greatest is its ability to control high blood pressure.

In a review of three studies, subjects who consumed Ceylon cinnamon experienced significantly reduced blood pressure and short term improvement in prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. So Ceylon cinnamon is in fact the special ingredient that makes StrictionBP so effective.

The combination of these three ingredients in a perfectly regulated and formulated manner is what sets the StrictionBP advanced formula apart from the rest.

How to use StrictionBP?

StrictionBP is very easy to use and can be incorporated into your daily life without any problem. Since it has no side effects and is composed of ingredients that are naturally required by your body, you don’t need to alter your daily routine or go out of your way to adjust yourself like in the case of conventional medication. StrictionBP is recommended to all who are suffering from high blood pressure.

However, it should be kept in mind that StrictionBp is not a substitute for your regular medication. Children under 18 years of age, people suffering from any medical condition, pregnant or nursing mothers should consult a doctor or health care professional before taking StrictionBP.

As an adult supplementary intake, the recommended dose of StrictionBP is 4 capsules daily. Two capsules are taken in the morning with breakfast and two taken with dinner. Do not exceed the recommended dose and also consult your doctor if you face any kind of reaction or health issues while taking StrictionBP. For best results, take a balanced diet, daily exercise, and adequate sleep.

Benefits of StrictionBP

StrictionBP provides the best possible high blood pressure suppression on the market. With the ideal combination of natural ingredients providing overall protection from hypertension and ensuring strong cardiac health, strictionBP is the ultimate high blood pressure solution.

The benefits of StrictionBP are:

  • Reduced blood pressureStrictionBP works in both short-term and long-term to prevent high blood pressure. It provides a fast-acting reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Lowers cholesterol level – StrictionBP acts by increasing absorption of cholesterol and fats, preventing build-up of plaque on the inside of blood vessels. It prevents atherosclerosis and thus keeps your heart healthy.
  • Controlling blood sugarStrictionBP helps control high blood sugar and balances the body’s blood glucose level. It can help maintain a stable blood sugar level which is of utmost importance in case of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Aside from these, StrictionBP has many other health benefits such as boosting immunity, providing energy, improving bone health, and maintaining fitness.

StrictionBP to manage Diabetes

StrictionBP is first and foremost a blood pressure solution. But the product has also been reported to help control not only blood pressure but also blood sugar.

StrictionBP does not claim to have any results regarding blood sugar control or diabetes control. It does not claim itself as a StrictionBP diabetes supplement.

However, studies conducted on groups suffering from both high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes have shown that StrictionBP along with a balanced diet and daily exercise is associated with marked reduction of high blood pressure and also a visible reduction of blood sugar levels.

So, if you are a diabetic, then StrictionBP may in fact help you in more ways than one.

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StrictionBP Side Effects

All the ingredients of StrictionBP have been individually safety tested on humans in much higher than what is available in a single serving of StictionBP. So there is no chance of any side effects making StrictionBP 100% safe.

However, some precautions should be taken. There might be some reactions associated with one or more rare factors or a combination of factors that can only be seen in an extremely small portion of the population.

Hypersensitivity to Vitamin B6 may cause patches to appear on the skin, nausea, heartburn, etc. However, these conditions are extremely rare. There are not many side effects of high magnesium intake but diarrhoea, nausea, and abdominal cramps are theoretically possible.

There is also no evidence that StrictionBP can lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels. But if you suffer from any severe heart conditions, make sure you consult with your physician before starting StrictionBP.

Again, if you are on any kind of medication, talk to your doctor to prevent any unwanted cross-reactions.

Is StrictionBP safe?

The StrictionBP advanced formula is completely safe and side-effect free. The combination of all-natural specially procured ingredients, combining them in a regulated and well-formulated manner, assurance of excellent quality, etc. make StrictionBP one of the best all-round high blood pressure supplements on the market.

There have been zero reported cases of any issues and zero StrictionBP complaints regarding the product by any customer. The company is so confident in its product that it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Is StrictionBP FDA approved?

It’s also to be noted that StrictionBP is FDA approved. So it has passed rigorous quality testing and certification. Moreover, the aspiration of any supplement company is to be picked up by a reputed marketplace like GNC.

So, StrictionBP has all the hallmarks of an excellent quality supplement which is 100% safe and reliable.

StrictionB Pros and Cons


  • Striction BP is safe and a proven solution to reduce high blood pressure and related issues
  • It’s made of 100% safe all-natural ingredients
  • There is no chance of any adverse reaction or side effects
  • Clinically proven to restore wellness and control blood pressure and blood sugar level
  • Comes with Money Back Guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction with the product
  • Available in a wide selection to suit everyone’s price range
  • Buying in bulk saves you more money
  • Certified by the FDA and vetted by GNC
  • Excellent customer service (You can get the StrictionBP customer service phone number on the StrictionBP website)


  • The product isn’t available at all outlets. Needs to be ordered online.
  • In very rare cases ingredients of the product may cause allergies to an extremely small number of people

Where to buy StrictionBP?

StrictionBP is available for purchase from its official website. You can get your desired order in three simple steps:

  1. Select the preferred package
  2. Fill in your delivery information
  3. Enter your payment option

You can also purchase StrictionBP by calling the StrictionBP contact number available on their website.

How much does StrictionBP cost?

The intro package gives you one bottle which is good for one month’s supply. The intro package StrictionBP price is $59.40 plus add $6.99 for shipping. The best value package goes for $232.01 and comes with free shipping.

StrictionBP comes with a 60 Day Money Back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the results, you can return the bottle within 60 days for a no-questions-asked refund.

StrictionBP where can you buy it:

You can also get StrictionBP at From StrictionBP Official Website through the following link to get a Free a Trial.

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StrictionBP Real Customer Reviews:

StrictionBP is already proving itself to be a life-changing supplement for those fighting high blood pressure. There are hundreds of StrictionBP reviews online detailing how StrictionBP has helped people overcome the hurdle of hypertension and allowed them to live a happy life free from high blood pressure.

Here are some real-world reviews by satisfied customers recommending StrictionBP blood pressure support.

StrictionBP customer reviews:

Danielle – “Great stuff. Arrived super fast for a way better price than GNC. My husband felt the effects on the first dose.”

Jackfxy – “It works, it works!”

Kim Therrien – “Has been working for my husband”

Cliff S – Works slowly but only dropped Dia by 6 points–Sys by 10 points”

StrictionBP Reviews- Final Words

StrictionBP Blood Pressure Support is an amazing product that speaks for itself. All you have to do is try it and see the results for yourself.

There is no other alternative in the market that provides the numerous health benefits, proven blood pressure control, 60 Day Money Back guarantee, and excellent customer support provided by StrictionBP. And the fact that it is now available as a GNC blood pressure supplement proves the great customer response and reliability of the company.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and looking for a supplement that can help change your life, look no further than the StrictionBP supplement for Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Management.

The FAQs About StrictionBP

Q. Is StrictionBP FDA approved?

Answer: StrictionBP is approved by the FDA. It is completely safe and side-effect free.

Q. Is StrictionBP Good?

Answer: The StrictionBP formula is clinically certified and proven. It can help reduce high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

Q. Can Ceylon cinnamon lower blood pressure?

Answer: Ceylon cinnamon has many health benefits. One of it’s greatest traits is that it can help control high blood pressure.

Q. What supplements help lower blood pressure?

Answer: StrictionBP provides a unique and proven combination of ingredients that delivers a knockout punch to hypertension. A natural supplement that will help you lower your blood pressure and reduce blood cholesterol.

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