SmileDirectClub Unveils Pro Whitening System For Enhanced Tooth Whitening Results

Updated on April 22, 2021

SmileDirectClub has made headlines around the orthodontic world as news of its Pro Whitening System has hit the market. A next-gen oral care company, SmileDirectClub has been in operation since its founding in 2014. Specializing in offering transformative dental solutions to improve smiles for those with and without insurance, SmileDirectClub is readying its next level of release with the Pro Whitening System, an award-winning whitening line designed to provide exceptional teeth whitening in just a single week.

Introducing the Pro Whitening System

Priding themselves on their stance as an international oral care leader, SmileDirectClub has partnered with more than 1,000 SmileDirectClub Partner Networks to supply oral care solutions to those with and without insurance. The new Pro Whitening System by SmileDirectClub will find its way into stores across the United States including more than 3,600 Walmart locations.

While more than 80 percent of individuals can benefit from orthodontic care, businesses like SmileDirectClub are seeking to serve those not embracing their oral hygiene. The Pro Whitening System breaks down into a smile three-step process that promises to attack stains, prevent degradation, and remove plaque all at once.

Step One — ProActivate

The SmileDirectClub Pro Whitening System seeks to blend the end-to-end smile solutions clients know and love into a single easy-to-use package. The Pro Whitening System begins with the individual user applying the ProActivate whitening accelerator toothpaste. This product aims to attack stains and plaque as deep as possible, setting the table to improve teeth brightness by levels of up to 65 percent, depending on the individual.

After finding success with the ProActivate whitening accelerator toothpaste, customers will move onto the second step of the Pro Whitening System process. 

Step Two — ProBrighten Whitening Gel

After the ProActivate whitening accelerator toothpaste has been applied, the customer is primed for the second step in the three-part process. Adding ProBrighten Whitening Gel by SmileDirectClub will enhance the impact of the prior step, pushing improvements in brightness by levels approaching 65 percent, though results may vary from one client to the next.

The ProBrighten Whitening Gel is used in line with the SmileDirectClub’s 20-LED patented accelerator light to produce results that customers can see. Once this step has been accomplished, customers will turn to the final step in the Pro Whitening System.

Step Three — ProLong Whitening Extender Gel

The final step in the Pro Whitening System involves the use of SmileDirectClub’s patented ProLong Whitening Extender Gel. The final step in the process, the ProLong Whitening Extender Gel seeks to both smooth and protect the surface of the individual’s teeth to provide for longer-lasting results. By preventing food and beverage stains from continuing to form, the ProLong Whitening Gel amplifies the results put in place by the prior steps.

When used properly, ProLong Whitening Extender Gel works hand-in-hand with the ProBrighten and ProActivate products to create a seamless system that is easy to integrate into day-to-day life. 

Discussing the Future with SmileDirectClub

Josh Chapman, Chief Global Brand Officer at SmileDirectClub, stated in response to the release of the Pro Whitening System, “We are constantly making improvements based on consumer feedback.”

The Pro Whitening System would hit shelves in Walmart’s around the nation in response to customer feedback. Chapman commented on SmileDirectClub’s older products, “We knew that customers loved the results” but that they were looking for “even more speed, proven results, and longevity.” It was this consumer feedback that would guide the team at SmileDirectClub to begin working on the Pro Whitening System.

With the Pro Whitening System made readily available in the coming months, the team at SmileDirectClub believes that this will accomplish their goal of crafting premium and affordable oral care that is easy to integrate within the daily lifestyle of everyday clients. 

SmileDirectClub Expands Premium Oral Care Line in Canada

As SmileDirectClub continues to unveil its newest line of Pro Whitening System products, the company is also expanding its line of products into Walmart locations throughout Canada, bringing the next-gen oral care company to entirely new borders.

SmileDirectClub continues to build on a momentous relationship with one of the biggest North American retailers, rising the tide of service to become the top whitening gel provider in the United States. SmileDirectClub has unveiled a range of products newly made available at Walmart locations in Canada, of which the following are included.

  • Bright On Premium Teeth Whitening — Before there was the Pro Whitening System, there was the Bright On Premium Teeth Whitening system. This product features a 20-LED accelerator light in conjunction with multiple whitening pens. Crafted for enamel-safe usage, this dentist-approved product allows for quick application and results within six months.
  • Premium Electric Toothbrush — More than just a developer of premium whitening systems, SmileDirectClub believes that every great oral care routine should start with an award-winning toothbrush. More effective than manual toothbrushes and quieter than other electric options, the SmileDirectClub toothbrush is roll-resistant while featuring sonic vibration to move just the bristles and not the handle of the brush.

Accomplishing the SmileDirectClub Promise

As one of the few providers of clear teeth aligners in the industry, SmileDirectClub proudly offers end-to-end solutions to help keep smiles bright, clear, healthy, and clean. SmileDirectClub has been servicing customers in the United States and abroad since 2014 while acting as one of the fastest-growing oral-tech companies.

The team of developers at SmileDirectClub focuses on proprietary technology combined with its vertical integration, offering revolutionary results to shoppers of every background, lifestyle, and income bracket. SmileDirectClub works with insurance companies and local dental offices wherever their products are sold to democratize a healthy, happy, and whitened smile.

SmileDirectClub is based out of Nashville, TN with operations now in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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