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Six Careers in the Physical Therapy Field

Between the number of athletes and sedentary people with back and neck problems from sitting in front of the computer, there are many problems with the modern body. There seems to be these two extremes—people who push their bodies to the limits and people who don’t push them at all. Nowadays, there are a plethora of jobs in the field of physical therapy. Whether you are thinking about getting into the profession or are wondering which kind of physical therapist you need to see, below are some careers in the field of physical therapy.

Pediatric Physical Therapist

One of the less common but very important forms of physical therapy is the pediatric physical therapist. This is physical therapy for children. Typically, a pediatric therapist is focused on rehabilitating children who have been in an accident or helping them overcome obstacles from a condition or a disease. If, for example, a child has cerebral palsy, a pediatric physical therapist can help them develop their motor skills and increase their function. Depending on the child, going to a physical therapist early enough can change their life.

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Geriatric Physical Therapist

On the other end of the spectrum, geriatric physical therapists treat the elderly. While these therapists see a lot of patients who have had a fall or an accident, it is less common with those who specialize in older people. They can help mitigate symptoms and treat conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. As someone gets older, they need more physical activity to keep their mind active. Physical therapy for the elderly has even contributed positively to facilitating Alzheimer’s patients. It all depends on the person, but geriatric physical therapists can help older people stay happy and healthy longer.

Exercise Physiologist

When a physical therapy meets a personal trainer you have an exercise physiologist. These therapists help a person create a realistic and accessible exercise regiment that is designed to help them get healthier. They analyze their patient’s health, body, habits, and take physical tests. While an exercise physiologist may seem less serious than physical therapists treating the young, old, and sick, they are doing very important work by helping people get healthy. They require the same education. They must go to a DPT school. They can change people’s lives.

Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Specializing in the musculoskeletal systems, orthopedic physical therapists are treating patients in a very comprehensive way. They treat the muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons. There are a range of conditions that could lead to seeing an orthopedic physical therapist, including muscle dystrophy. The goal of these therapists is usually to lower pain, decrease inflammation, heal their injuries, and improve their functionality.

Sport Physical Therapist

Some of the highest paid physical therapists work for sports teams. The amount of pain, pressure, and discomfort athletes go through is immense, especially after years in the sport. It is no wonder why teams hire their own elite physical therapists. These professionals are highly trained and educated, making them some of the most elite physical therapists in the field. While they primarily deal with healthy people, they treat a host of different physical problems and focus on healing injured players so they can play again. Furthermore, the equipment they use ranges quite a bit from exercise machines to resistance bands.

Neurological Physical Therapists

A neurological physical therapist treats injuries that affect the nervous system, spine, and brain. There are many different situations when this is necessary. Just because a therapist primarily treats the physical aspect of injuries, that doesn’t mean that patients don’t need someone who specializes in this area. Motor functions, after all, are controlled by the brain. A variety of injuries, diseases, and conditions can call for a neurological therapist. Their goal is to help the patient regain control of their functioning.

The field of physical therapy is varied, but many of these professionals need the same training. Whether you are thinking about becoming a physical therapist or need to find the right one, the ability to specialize is available to anyone who is interested in a specific form of physical therapy. It is an important field full of people helping others heal, improve their functioning, and live a better life. It is a noble and versatile occupation. 

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