Different Equipment Used in Physical Therapy Clinics

Updated on June 9, 2022
Different Equipment Used in Physical Therapy Clinics

The therapeutic field within the healthcare industry offers numerous different branches. They tend to a range of people providing support for speech, behavior, motor and cognitive skills, emotional well-being, and movement. If you are a therapist investing in your physical therapy clinic, finding the best equipment for your services ensures optimal business productivity and better results for your clients. Here are some of the different equipment used in physical therapy clinics.

Parallel Bars

Most physical therapy clinics include some form of parallel bars. They provide a great resource to aid those in recovery, supporting patients regaining balance, the ability to walk, and strength. From easy-to-use and clean properties to their multipurpose potential, parallel bars offer a range of benefits that aid your clients and enhance your practice. They also come in various structures and designs, offering versions featuring portable stand-alone bars, adjustable heights, and tilting abilities.

Exercise Machines

Another traditional type of equipment found across various physical therapy clinics is exercise machines. Popular essential gym equipment used for newly starting clinics includes treadmills, multipurpose training systems for total resistance exercise (TRX), other strength conditioning, and ellipticals. The market offers plenty of variety to explore, further offering diverse treatment methods.

Weights and Resistance Bands

Smaller gym equipment also makes good starter essentials for newer clinics. Both provide a range of challenges accommodating various ages and skill ranges. Like many of the equipment used in the industry, they come in various forms. Weights range from traditional dumbells to kettlebells, medicine balls, and wrist and ankle wraps. For resistance bands, your options vary between different material choices, holders, sizes, and design structures.

Movement Simulators

With the growth and development of technology, many newer tools of the trade join the field. Like equine simulators, movement simulators use movement mimicry to strengthen certain muscles and skills. Not only do they provide a successful means of equipment to use in treatments, but they also add entertainment. The more engaging and enjoyable sessions you provide, the more your business retention rates increase.

Virtual Reality Devices

Like movement simulators, VR devices contribute a technological advancement to physical therapy treatment methods. They keep younger clients, especially children, more engaged and enthused about participating. VR equipment allows you to gamify your activities and create digital progress records. Plus, it introduces a rewards system that displays a client’s improvements, helping them visualize their growth under your care.

Equipping your practice with the various different equipment used in physical therapy clinics allows you to broaden your services and reach a wider range of people. To help you decide on the best equipment for your clinic, especially when first starting out, invest in long-term, multipurpose, and easy-to-maintain equipment options.