Significance of Instagram Views for your Healthcare and Wellness Business

Updated on October 26, 2021

Instagram can be an effective and powerful digital tool for health & wellness brands, having an array of advertising capabilities and endless monthly users. Many health and wellness brands have leveraged this social media channel to make more sales, build brand awareness, and grow their audiences. 

The Significance of Instagram Views 

  • Keep the Post on Top of Feeds – Instagram now has an algorithm that puts the most viewed and relevant post above every user’s feed. It means when your video on health and wellness has gained more views over others, it will automatically become more visible compared to other posts that users upload simultaneously. 
  • Attract Potential Followers – Any video on health and wellness with high views will have a wider reach; thus, it will show up on other people’s feeds, that is, users outside one’s circle. It will automatically boost the chance of grabbing new followers. Instagram views have a huge impact when it comes to the growth of one’s account. It indicates that one needs to give in extra effort to ensure that they get more views. 

Below are some tips for doing so

  1. Keep Videos Interesting – To catch people’s attention, one should post health and wellness videos interesting. Experts recommend thinking of video ideas that are original and pose the potential to get viral. Most importantly, the video should be of high quality as viewers will prefer them more. 
  1. Use Hashtags – For your video to reach more and more people, they must make the most hashtags. These have always been there to classify posts that are related. Adding appropriate hashtags such as #health, #wellness, #healthylifestyle, #fitness, #motivation, #selfcare, and the like will work wonders and will not need much effort. One needs to ensure that they use popular hashtags as mentioned above relevant to their domain and followed by several users. 
  1. Buy Instagram Views – Buying Instagram views will offer instant results as this will help increase the engagement of one’s health and wellness videos. The price may vary resting on the package that one avails. It is a wise choice as they offer real views and from real Instagram accounts. So you may choose the best sites to buy Instagram views and get your target engagement faster.
  1. Optimize the Brand’s Bio and Photo – Everyone is aware of how first impressions matter. When a new prospective user clicks into one’s profile, his business will have a couple of seconds to attract their attention, summarize their offerings, and offer them a reason for following their updates. The best way for accomplishing such goals is to ensure that your profile picture, bio, and cover photos all align with the health and wellness brand attributes. 
  1. Be Strategic about Feeds and Stories – As Instagram is a visual platform, the imagery of one’s business matters. The two primary places where one can post their health and wellness images are Instagram stories and an Instagram feed. Anyone who visits their profile can view these images that you upload to the main feed. The idea is to keep the feed posts uncluttered, consistent, and reflective of their visual branding. On the contrary, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. The benefit of stories is one’s customers will feel engaged. Experts suggest that health and wellness business owners create a content strategy for guiding their social media activities. 
  1. Maintain Brand Consistency – Maintaining brand consistency on Instagram is crucial. While deciding what to post for one’s health and wellness business, they need to think about their content in categories- sales pushes, customer testimonials, product photography, branded quote templates they create, stock photos, and others. One can sprinkle such various categories of posts all through their feed to keep the audience engaged. 
  1. Interaction with Other Accounts – By actively engaging with individuals and other brands, one can grow brand awareness for their health and wellness business and connect with an increasing number of prospective customers. 
  1. Get Creative with Campaigns and Collaborations – Along with engaging and commenting on posts, various health and wellness brands have introduced creative means of teaming up and growing their audiences on Instagram. Partnerships and joint giveaways can be an excellent means of collaborating with brands in their industry and introducing their business to their followers. 

With the right effort and the proper method, one can reach the success they have always dreamed of for their health and wellness brand. Building a social media audience is a time-consuming process, but considering these tips sincerely, one can set up their health and wellness Instagram for success. Try these tips and see how views can help your health and wellness brand reach the pinnacle of success. 

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