How to market your CBD products online?

Updated on May 6, 2021

The marketing dynamics of every product have changed over time. The companies relying upon television advertisements and billboard marketing are now just focusing on digital marketing —however, products like CBD have a very selected audience and completely different marketing strategy.

There are no such competitors for CBD products, yet tobacco, alcohol, and pharma companies are considered to be their competitors. Therefore, the key to success in this business is how well they can create the brand image on the people. To market your CBD products, you have to hit the people’s emotions and differentiate your product from the competitors so you can get repeat customers.

What could be the Marketing Strategy?

As you all know, CBD is commonly associated with weed. Therefore, the first step to differentiate your product from your competitors is to make people aware that it is not addictive, unlike alcohol and other addictive’s. This will not create a good impact on the consumer and help you get their customers as well.

Vertical marketing

You can use the vertical marketing strategy in which you can hire a team of professionals that will research the potential customers that can be convinced to buy your product. They mainly focus on the people who are either interested in your product or previously consumed it. It is comparatively easy and less expensive. You can take the example of Facebook and Instagram, and other social media platforms. They are specifically using such marketing techniques, which makes things easy for the brands.

Horizontal marketing 

It might be more efficient, and there are higher chances of success in this type of marketing as they focus on the brand image, and you try to convince the people who are not familiar with your product as they have not consumed similar products in the past. Therefore, it is easy to convince them.

Long-term strategy to create an impact

Whenever you build up a brand, keep in mind that your goals should be long-term because all the entrepreneurs with short-term goals are not successful. Therefore, you need to create a website that is professional and covers the details regarding your products. Moreover, to rank your website, you need to do the proper search engine optimization of your website, so it appears on the first page of google.

In addition to that, you need to follow the local and international laws while doing business. You cannot sell your product in the country or state where cannabis is still illegal even without THC.

Some must-do things while marketing their CBD products

  • Know where you stand in the comparison to your competitors
  • Conduct an audit of your website to evaluate your performance.
  • You impactful and relevant information to capture the leads.
  • Stay in touch with your current customers
  • Promote your content on every channel
  • Run multiple campaigns to reach your potential customers.


CBD is getting famous day by day for its medical uses. Therefore, if you are thinking of jumping into this business, you are absolutely right. However, the right marketing strategy is always the key to success. Cannabis marketing the future is now. So, before launching your brand decide your marketing strategy first because it sets a base for your business.

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