Should I Bring My Car To An Auto Body Shop After An Accident?

Updated on June 15, 2021

After anyone has been in a car accident, they will have a lot of concerns that they need to address. One of them is what they will do about the damage done to their vehicle. Their decision depends on just how badly their vehicle was damaged after the accident. The vehicle could still be drivable after the accident or it could need repairs before it is up and running again. Another consideration is what the insurance company has to say about how much can be spent on repairs and where those repairs will take place.

There is a lot to think about regarding vehicle repairs after an accident, which is why you should connect with a lawyer after an accident. An attorney can help you to deal with your insurance company and they can help you to get compensated if the accident was not your fault. They can help you in many different ways so be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

Repairing Your Vehicle After an Accident

It is up to you if you want to get your vehicle repaired after an accident, but whether or not you choose to do so, you will have to discuss the matter with your insurance company first. The reason is that they have a say in the decision that you make. If you choose to get your car repaired, then your insurance company may have some suggestions on which auto body shops to use in your area. They will usually offer you multiple options and allow you to choose whichever one you want. 

You can take your car to a different repair shop than the ones they suggested, but you may have to make sure that the cost of the repairs is not any higher than the repairs from their suggested choices. The auto repair shops suggested by your insurance company will usually be reputable places but they will have an incentive to satisfy the insurance company so that they can keep working with them. That might mean that they will offer lower prices in order to keep the insurance company happy. 

That does not necessarily mean that they will do poor work since the insurance company will not be satisfied with a substandard repair job since their clients will not be satisfied with such a job either. However, the lower costs of the insurance company’s suggested choices is something you should think about before deciding where you take your vehicle to get repaired.

You Do Not Have To Fix Your Car After An Accident

You have many options regarding what to do with your damaged vehicle after an accident. If you do not want to get it repaired because it can still be driven and the damage is relatively minor, then you can just take the money that would have been used for repairs if you want to. Another option you have is to have the repair work done by a friend or family member who will do the job for less than one of the insurance company’s suggested auto body shops, and then keep the difference. If you choose either of those options, then the insurance company may deduct that portion of the cost from any future repair jobs should you ever get into another car accident. 

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