Short, Medium & Long Mens Haircuts – The Looks of 2020

Updated on June 12, 2020

As the modern fashion evolves, mens haircuts have already passed the stage of being simply short, medium, or long. While the range of lengths has remained the same, the new variety of haircuts for men now focuses on the unique features of every man, allowing its wearers to tailor their looks in detail. 

Today, there are whole lotta new approaches to wearing and customizing mens haircuts: you can individualize your cut with a fade, as well as add a textured feel or even spice it up with a shaved design. The ways to experiment are, indeed, countless. That’s why we’ve consulted with hair professionals from MensHairCuts to find out which looks are going to be in this year. From short to long, we’ve selected the bigged picks for today!

The Hottest Short Mens Haircuts

Textured Short Crop + Faded Design

A textured finish is what adds a lot of character to the look, and it looks especially great on everyone’s favorite short crop. Add a smooth fade with a shaved design as the icing on the cake for a creative new version of the look.

Buzz Cut + Lineup

The buzz is never going to leave the fashion, as it’s a huge canvas for experiments. It looks best when paired with neat details such as lineup and clean edges. A fade will be a good finish, of course.

Caesar Haircut

If you want a cut from magazine covers, the Caesar cut is just the thing. Not only does it go well with fades, tapers, and textured finishes but it also gives a great framing touch with its fringe-like front. 

High & Tight

There’s nothing like a super short but striking high and tight haircut for men with thick and coarse textures. It tames the unruly curls with the visual contrast of cleanly faded sides and slightly longer top.

Classic Crew Cut

This haircut needs no introduction: it’s the iconic Ivy League haircut with perfectly balanced tapered sides and a bit longer hair on top. And it has turned out to be huge for its simplicity and versatile casual-to-business look.

Classy Medium Mens Haircuts

Spiky & Faded Quiff

A quiff looks masculine and brutal, but this year barbers recommend smoothing it up with low fade and soft spikes on layered tops to make it more balanced.

Medium Length Waves

Effortless and relaxed waves with a decently graduated body and sides go hand in hand with the latest boom for naturalness, so you won’t go wrong embracing your texture. Enhance it with shiny styling products to accentuate your wave.

Tapered Brushed Back

Hairstylists also call this cut “a modern Pompadour” for its brand new take at the voluminous haircut. The taper on sides and moderately brushed back gives a sophisticated feel to the wearer’s look, nicely fitting both casual and formal images.

Layered Pompadour

If you love to pull off the Pompadour, make sure to pair it with layers: that’s the best way to add a modern accent to the look, as well as add some movement to the hair.

Tousled Undercut

The undercut is still on the top of all charts, and its tousled version with a messy vibe in the hair seems to have taken the cut to the next level.

Trending Long Mens Haircuts

Long Undercut 

Short faded sides with much hair to play with: that’s the classic option of current men’s fashion, as you can sweep, brush, tousle, and slick the top while keeping it distinctive.  

Textured Mohawk + High Fade

Let the high fade accentuate your dapper textured top brushed high to touch the sky!

Long Layers

The manly vibe of naturally long hair will always turn heads, and layers will make you not only look great but also feel comfy with the length.

Kinky Long Curls

Whether it’s a classic afro of jewfro, such looks will be extremely in demand this year, so if you are blessed with kinky hair, don’t miss your thunder.

Man Bun + Buzzed Sides

It’s basically a long undercut that has turned into a brand new trend: tight sides and a long relaxed bun is a duo that will live long.

It may be hard to navigate the eternal variety of haircuts for men when you don’t know what suits you best. Keeping this in mind, we’ve highlighted all-time classics and the freshest trends picked by celebrity hairstylists so every man looking for a change can find something that will work for him. 

Source: MensHaircuts

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