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Updated on June 12, 2020

Within the last few years, health trackers have become a tool that hardly anyone wants to do without. Often they are not only used to determine one’s own health data, but are also increasingly used as a fashionable accessory. However, there are still some models that simply cannot be adapted to your own wardrobe. Moreover, there are also variants that are very expensive, provided they look good. Others, however, do not have the functions that one would expect from the Smartwatch in the health sector. In addition to a pedometer, today’s health trackers also measure blood pressure, monitor sleep and are responsible for recording health data, which can then be read in via the smartphone. However, those who have to manage with a small budget are often confronted with the fact that they cannot afford the really good models at all. That is why we would like to introduce the Oshenwatch today. A health tracker that has all the functions and also a good price-performance ratio.

What is the Oshenwatch?

The Oshenwatch is a health tracker that looks like a competitor’s product. However, it can be purchased at a much lower budget and still has all the features you need to collect health data. The manufacturer emphasizes the following features and describes that the Oshenwatch is also compatible with many smartphones:

  • 4.1 Bluetooth technology
  • Hands-free access
  • Receiving messages and phone calls
  • Equipped with Oshenwatch sensors
  • Monitoring of the heart rate is possible
  • Recording of sleep quality
  • Regular blood pressure checks
  • Pedometer
  • running course notes
  • Calorie Calculation
  • Many functions more

Many functions are known from high quality fitness trackers, but they are very expensive. But the Oshenwatch still remains very cheap and is therefore also interesting for people who have a small budget and therefore couldn’t afford one of the expensive models. Moreover, there is a feature that you won’t find in many other health trackers: The wristband can be changed easily and can be adapted to your own wardrobe. So it can be used for every fashionable aspect and does not look worn out at all. Whether silicone wristband, or one made of leather: The Oshenwatch offers everything you can imagine and much more.


What are the Oshenwatch quality features?

At first sight the Oshenwatch makes a high quality impression. The Smartwatch is a health tracker that not only has a good finish but also offers a good service. Besides ordering and shipping, there are many other aspects to consider. As an example we would like to mention the special offers that the manufacturer makes available to his customers, which we will discuss in detail later.

Oshenwatch Functions

Oshenwatch rating and recommendation

In order to get a more precise picture of the Oshenwatch, we have taken it into a test. We wanted to know what the health tracker is capable of and if it is really able to stand up to the competition. Overall, the Oshenwatch looks like the Apple Watch, but it uses a different operating system. In general, everyone who has ever held an Apple product in their hands is convinced that you have quality. We wanted to know whether this is also the case with this Smartwatch. So the Oshenwatch arrived and we checked its workmanship. It surprised us all along the line. To be honest, it has a lot in common with the original, except that it is not charged via a magnetic mount on the back. A USB-C plug is used for this.

After charging, we finally coupled the Oshenwatch with the smartphone. This was especially easy as it can connect to numerous operating systems. The operating system works intuitively, so that the Smartwatch can be used very well for sporting purposes. The range of functions is very wide and also offers a good basis for especially sporty characters. The Oshenwatch has some functions from which one can benefit health-wise in any case, also because they are designed similar to the original.

We also find the wristband especially nice, which can be easily exchanged and thus turns the Smartwatch into an accessory that can be perfectly adapted to your own wardrobe. So it is definitely worth a recommendation from us.


General information about the health tracker

In this section we will focus purely on the function of the Oshenwatch. Because if you are interested in it, you are just as curious if and which functions it has. Once you have received it, you should always charge the Oshenwatch first to prepare it for operation. This usually takes a couple of hours and is therefore done relatively quickly. Once the Smartwatch is full, you can finally pair it with your smartphone. The tracker connects to numerous operating systems and only requires the installation of a specific app to be able to use all functions afterwards. Meanwhile the pairing is done via Bluetooth. The health tracker is usually activated for this. If the smartphone is not activated, this must be done in the settings.

Afterwards simply select the Oshenwatch from the resulting list and the smartphone will pair with the health tracker. Directly after that it is possible to test different functions. Especially interesting are the countless dials which you can try out and use according to your own preferences. Among the regular additional functions are the measurement of blood pressure, a pedometer, and other health features that some other cheap watches do not have. The Oshenwatch nestles easily to the wrist, and the wristband can be changed at any time.

Oshenwatch Features

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Oshenwatch?

Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to compare in the following. So you can get a much better picture of the Oshenwatch and decide if the health tracker is right for you.


  • Easy setup…
  • Many smartphones are compatible
  • Long battery life
  • Many functions installed
  • Good fitness and sports supervision possible


  • None known

As you can see, the Oshenwatch has many advantages from which you can benefit. Not only is it easy to use, but it can also be easily paired with your smartphone. The health tracker with its many functions becomes an essential accessory for you. And you can also connect the Smartwatch to your own wardrobe, as it has interchangeable wristbands. In addition to the health functions, you can also use things like sending messages or navigation. Everything you need to use a health tracker in the most efficient way.

Oshenwatch reviews

In the internet we also found further reports of experiences, which we could orientate ourselves by and which strengthened the impression of the Oshenwatch. Here it became clear that most users were very satisfied with the health tracker and did not want to do without the Smartwatch anymore. Intuitive operation was a priority for most users, and the Oshenwatch was able to handle this very well. In addition there were reviews from an older age group who were very enthusiastic about the Watch, although they didn’t handle technical devices very well. Most of them especially praised the easy exchangeability of the wristbands, so they could wear the health tracker almost everywhere they were. Whether at a party, a company celebration, or simply in everyday business life. The Oshenwatch never wore thick and fulfilled exactly the purpose that the users wanted it to serve. Visit the official site to see more customer reviews!

Are there any problems with the fitness tracker?

After getting a good picture of the Smartwatch, we can confirm that there were no problems at any time. According to the field reports, there were also no problems when the Oshenwatch was used. However, we would like to mention in this section that it always depends on the intended use when using the health tracker. For example, if GPS is turned on, the battery may not last as long as the manufacturer has promised. Depending on the purpose for which you use the health tracker, you should therefore buy two. Then one model can charge while the other is in use.

Why do I need the Health Tracker?

The Oshenwatch is interesting for people who are looking for a health tracker that has a lot of functions, but is not as fashionable and not as bulky. The Oshenwatch combines both in one watch, which you can use for everyday life, but also for your job or sports. Furthermore, the Oshenwatch appeals to young and old alike. Even those who are not particularly fond of technology will get along with the watch very well. Since the operating system is designed intuitively, you will quickly find your goal. It doesn’t matter whether you use the watch as a man or woman. It is equally suitable for all ages and sexes.

Known FAQ about this product

Finally, we would like to address any questions that may arise that may explain the final information about the Oshenwatch:

  • Q: Is it easy to read the information on the display? 
    • A: Thanks to the many dials there is one for each age group. Larger numbers and inscriptions are no problem. They can be adapted to your own preferences.
  • Q: Can the Oshenwatch be used every day?
    • A: The watch is designed to be used in everyday life as well as at work or sports. Thanks to the interchangeable wristbands, it can be perfectly adapted to your wardrobe and does not wear out too much.
  • Q: Does the supplier offer a money-back guarantee that I can claim? 
    • A: From the time of purchase, the buyer has up to 30 days to decide for or against the health tracker. If it is not the right one after all, he can return it without any problems and will get his money back.
  • Q: Are the offers on the website time-related?
    • A: Yes! If you have the opportunity, you should access it, because it is never clear when the next offers will come.
  • Q: Which system does the Oshenwatch use?
    • A: The Watch can be operated with either iOS or Android. It is compatible with both.
Where can I buy the Oshenwatch?

The Oshenwatch is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. They offer the health tracker for sale on their own website and combine this with special offers from which the user can benefit. We will go into these in more detail in a moment. To place an order it is important to fill out the order form on the website and then proceed to payment. To do this, the buyer selects one of several options, all of which are very straightforward and offer good buyer protection. The order is then sent off. A short time later, the health tracker is dispatched and then arrives at the buyer’s home by parcel post. There he can also try it out immediately.

Now we come to the offers which are available for the Oshenwatch. The manufacturer has come up with something for this: He offers several models of the Oshenwatch in a collective offer, but sells the individual watch for a lower price. So it is worthwhile to order several models at once. It doesn’t matter if you take advantage of the offer with several persons or alone. The only important thing is to order the Oshenwatch as soon as possible if you want to take advantage of the offers. Because these are only time limited and it is not sure if they will ever come back, or in the form the manufacturer offers them. So all in all the buyer benefits from the offers as long as they are available.

Oshenwatch Technical facts

Regarding the technical facts, we can unfortunately only give a few details about the Watch, because the manufacturer keeps himself relatively covered with it. We assume, however, that it has all the functions of a high-quality model. For this purpose, we were able to find the following individual units:

  • Long lasting battery
  • 96 hours battery life
  • Easy pairing via Bluetooth
  • Biometric sensors are built-in

Unfortunately, these were already all the technical characteristics that we could determine via the Oshenwatch.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The Watch is sold by a company with the following address Strong Current Enterprises Limited, 68308, G/F Building Kowloon East, 12 Lei Yue Mun Street, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. A support email address is available for questions: [email protected]

Homepage: https://www.buyoshenwatch.com/

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