Updated on December 13, 2021

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For the next ten years, where do you see yourself? Perhaps, enjoying a family vacation or running a company all by yourself. Every person craves success and wants to climb up the professional ladder and live their dream life. With persistent hard work and sheer dedication, the world becomes your oyster. Don’t fall for the myth that robots would replace humans since human brains are irreplaceable. Therefore, pick a career with promising and lucrative job opportunities.

Start exploring your interests, talents, and things you enjoy doing to see if it aligns with any career choices. Although in these eight months of 2020, the novel pandemic has done enough damage to the employment industry, but fortunately, it is reviving. The future seems pretty bright for medical, business, and tech jobs. The healthcare sector needs more workers to meet increasing demand, and organizations are in search of tech-savvy people. 

If you are surveying job prospects before making a career choice, you are in the right place. Here we are unfolding seven highest paying jobs in 2020. 

1. Healthcare Administrator 

In this modern era, people don’t have to become doctors or nurses to work in the healthcare sector as it offers sufficient managerial roles. A healthcare administrator is responsible for managing staff, patient care experience, and health informatics. From devising health policies to developing useful healthcare problems – there are tremendous opportunities to effect change. Does this look like your cup of tea? Enroll yourself in a masters in healthcare leadership program and start working towards a more efficient healthcare system. 

Salary: You can earn up to $100,980 annually.

Job Prospects: The projected growth of 18% ensures that the pay scale will keep increasing. 

2. Nurse Practitioner 

Nurse Practitioners are becoming increasingly popular. They work directly with patients, make diagnoses, and manage all kinds of chronic illnesses. They are also authorized to perform physical examinations, write prescriptions, and interpret diagnostic tests. In short, they treat patients on behalf of the physicians and seek assistance from senior doctors. 

Salary: People earn $115,000 annually as a nurse practitioner, higher than any other nursing specialization. 

Job Prospects: As this profession is next to physicians, it is likely to grow by 26% in the coming years. 

3. Database Administrator 

With large volumes of data, companies are actively looking for people who can manage it. These experts ensure that databases run efficiently and are secure from the threat of hackers. They leverage advanced software to provide maximum security and, at times, also help organizations interpret data. After all, they are well-versed with database programming languages – structured query language, data control language, etc.

Job Prospects & Salary: As a result, the demand for a database administrator is skyrocketing with an income of $98,000 annually.

4. Finance Manager 

Companies need professionals to look after their finances even in the 21st century. As the world is getting smarter, they are in search of experts who can leverage Fintech. They create financial reports, direct investment opportunities, and prepare plans for long-term financial goals. Likewise, these managers have all records of the funds coming in and going out of the business. If you have the knack of numbers and a keen interest in finance, think no further. Look for an online mba program and become a part of this lucrative industry. 

Salary: Finance managers enjoy lucrative pay scales as they can make up to $130,000 a year. 

Job Prospects: Expected growth is 12%.

5. Market Research Analyst 

Market research analysts help companies understand user-preferences – what products people want, at what price, where, when, etc. They collect all this data through surveys, studies, researches, and then prepare reports to accumulate results. It gives rich insights into buying behavior, target audiences, and purchase patterns, assisting companies in drafting an appropriate marketing strategy. Without influential market researchers, companies have no idea what customers want, making their plan fall apart. 

Salary: On average, they earn $70,000 annually. 

Job Prospects: The demand for market research analyst would increase by 32%, making it one of the best future jobs

6. Psychiatrist 

In today’s era, every 4 in 1 person is suffering from depression and anxiety. Therefore, this world needs more mental health experts who can address these concerns. Psychiatrists have a deep understanding of mental illnesses – depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addictions, etc. They help people adjust with significant life changes, delusions and resolve problems with body image. They closely work with patients, listen to their problems, and propose solutions, helping them deal with vulnerability.

Job Prospects & Salary: Due to the complexity of their job, they make up to $215,000 annually.  

7. Software Developer

Do you call yourself tech-friendly? The person working behind a computer program is a software developer. They create applications and build systems for organizations. They devise private schemes to secure confidential information while securing it from the threat of hackers. Developers identify areas of modifications and make changes to promote operational efficiency. As far as academic qualification is concerned, a degree in computer science is enough to qualify. Start by choosing a coding bootcamp to see if being a software developer is the right career path for you. 

Salary: The rewarding career allows software developers to earn $110,000 annually. 

Job Prospects: Expected growth by 11%

Wrapping Up 

Believe it or not, picking a career in this competitive world is no easy feat. Alongside considering lucrative industries, you have to see what aligns with your interests and talents. One way of making this straightforward could be by learning about the highest paying jobs. It gives you a fair idea of which career offers competitive salaries and the one with high demand in the future, helping you make the best decision. 

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