Set a Brand New Trend this Festive Season with Big Hats and Stylish Outfits

Updated on January 11, 2022

When hunting for a new hat, concentrating on color and design is not enough. You must know the material used for manufacturing the headwear and its varied characteristics. It will help you in the selection of the hat to suit your purpose. Remember that a durable material may be your best investment when uplifting your appearance in the crowd. Hence, understanding the different materials used for manufacturing a hat is vital if you desire to select the best headwear suitable for your purpose. 

Wool – the all-time favorite

Wool is the favorite fabric for manufacturing hats among other materials. They are available in an assortment of textures, shapes, and sizes. A vital fact about wool is that it is moisture absorbing and soft, which helps regulate body temperature. It keeps your head warmer in the cold season and cold in the summer months. It comes with breathable pockets that make your head cool while you get out in the sun. Of all the woolen fabrics you get to see in the market, tweed is the best one. It is available in several textures and patterns, making it more interesting.  

Abaca fiber to steal the show

Paris cloth, silk abaca, Jensen, and linen bundle are the commonly used textured fabrics from abaca fibers. These are easy to mold and thin materials and are available in different shapes. They are best for manufacturing drapes and floral designs. Abaca comes from the palm tree, and the high category of abaca is lustrous, delicate, and light beige that becomes a fashion statement for big hats for men. Although it is not very strong, it has a distinguished appearance that grabs everyone’s attention. The fabric comes with different textures, which look classy and sophisticated. 

Felt hats to fit the canvas

Of all the hats available in the market, the fedora is quite popular. You will hardly find anybody who does not want to flaunt fedora hats. With a center crease and tapered crown, these hats are ideal for the summer season. Fedora hats usually come from felt fabric- a favorite of milliners since it is easy to mold and fit any head shape.

Another common category of fabric that has gained immense popularity is wool felt. Wool felt, which has a waxed canvas finish, provides the wearer with a soft feel and appearance. It is commonly used for fedora hats and also Panama hats. Fur felt, on the other hand, comes with a fab finish and is known for its softness. Beret hats come from felt that gives them a distinguished look. You must have a comprehensive knowledge of different felt fabrics if you want to choose the one that completely blends with the event and your personality.  

The breathable fabric- straw material

Several plant fibers help make straw that gets further processed into many hats. Sisal, Papyrus reeds, wheatgrass, and bamboo are some of the plant fibers used to manufacture straw. There is a list of material that you will easily find on the Internet to guide you for proper hat selection. Hemp straw and Abaca straw helps in hat-making too.

On the other hand, the paper straw from cellulose is gaining immense popularity in the hat-making industry. It is a recent fiber category with a distinct appearance and feel. 

Today, straw hats are one of the most highly popular headwear because of their quality and appearance. These hats are fashionable and provide the best protection to your head from fierce rays of the sun. The weave quality and tightness of the headwear offer a wonderful experience to the wearer. When you choose hats made of this natural fiber, they are durable, strong, and water-resistant. However, always go for natural straw rather than artificial ones because they might not be water-resistant and durable. 

Crocheted hats and knitted hats do win the game

Crochet and knit material are decent for the winter season. Hence, all winter hats come from this fiber. They have decent insulating power and are head-hugging. Thus, even if you have a big head, these hats will comfortably sit on your hair. 

How about some cotton tinge? 

Cotton, which is a natural fiber, is breathable and soft. There is not a single person who does not know that cotton is the most comfortable fabric which is easy to manufacture and maintain. You may find embroidered designs and logos on cotton hats. These caps can absorb more moisture and thereby control your head temperature. Bucket hats are the best option that comes from cotton canvas. These canvas hats provide high sun protection and have a distinct appearance suitable to a large number of wearers. Another durable fabric favorite among hat wearers is a cotton duck. When you are out in the sun, busy with outdoor activities and sports, cotton duck can be the best fabric for your fishing, gardening, and games. 

Look attractive with linen and leather

The flax plant is a source of linen fiber which is a naturally occurring material compared to cotton for breathability and softness. These hats of linen material are comfortable to wear in hot climates. They have an elegant look and comfortable feel that comes with durability. On the other hand, leather hats have a strong and bold fashion statement. They are the best investment in the long term. These are durable, breathe easy and compliment your outfit. All you need to do is go for a classic leather cowboy hat with an oily finish.  

If you desire to seek all attention, you must invest in hats. Hats are a timeless accessory among both males and females. Hence, these are stunning wardrobe ensembles to help you uplift your personality. Based on your character and the event you are attending, you may select materials like cotton, felt, wool, satin, or linen. There is a wide range of options for you to explore in 2022. Choose a stunner hat to transform your personality. Styling hats is a trick that needs some level of genius and guidance.

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