Seniors Residences Offer Fantastic Amenities

Updated on April 27, 2021

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Every seniors’ residence offers something a little different, but how can you tell if their offerings are right for you? A good seniors’ community will allow you to live in a way that encourages healthy aging by making it easy for you to look after your physical and mental wellbeing while maintaining your independence. With that in mind, look for the following key features when searching for the right seniors’ residence:

1. Great Dining Options

One of the easiest ways to care for your physical wellbeing as you age is to maintain healthy eating habits. However, this can become more difficult the older you get; your caloric needs will likely change along with your nutritional needs, and it may even just be hard for you to go out and get groceries on a regular basis.

This is why it’s extremely important to make sure the seniors’ residence you end up choosing includes great dining options. To do this, look for a residence that has a culinary team working in their dining room. All Seniors Care, for example, employs Red Seal Chefs to oversee the dining options at their residences. 

Chefs with the Red Seal qualification must complete at least 5000 hours of instruction and practice before receiving their certificate and are trained in how to cook a wide variety of dishes. Red Seal Chefs have the experience and know-how to create flexible menus that match the needs of the residents while keeping items fresh and varied. Most importantly, they are trained to carry out stringent food health and safety practices, which is especially critical for seniors who may have, or may develop, issues with their immune system. 

2. Quality Independent Living

A good residence will accommodate your individual taste and lifestyle. Look for a residence that offers spacious suites, and allows you to bring in your own furniture and decor. Living at a seniors’ community is a long-term decision, so you want to make sure that your suite feels like home. 

It’s not just about making your living area aesthetically pleasing either. Having a comfortable space to unwind is extremely important to your mental health, especially since anxiety is a common but often unrecognized issue faced by older adults. It’s much easier to relax and manage stress in a place that feels like home to you, so make sure your suite can be decorated to reflect your personality. 

3. Great Communities

Having great neighbors doesn’t just make life more interesting; it also allows you to maintain your mental health too. Keeping strong social connections is a key part of preventing illnesses like Alzheimer’s, and having great neighbors makes it that much easier to create and maintain these social connections. Before you choose a seniors’ residence, spend some time speaking with the residents and staff to see if they’re people you’ll enjoy spending time with. 

A great community will also have plenty of ways for you to stay active and healthy, whether it’s offering group fitness classes or organizing day trips. Check out the programs that the senior residence offers, and make sure that they match your own interests. The programs between different residences can vary according to their location, their program director, and their resources.

Follow these tips, do your research, and meet people. These will be the secrets to your success.

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