Self-Care Ideas: 10 Ways to Feel Better Every Day

Updated on October 27, 2023

Life is beautiful and should be enjoyed every moment because time passes inexorably, and the time that just goes by will never happen again. However, bad days can happen to any of us when we simply ignore all the blessings that have been given to us. 

Sadness, anger, and disappointment are normal feelings, sometimes even desirable, because not everything is always rainbows and butterflies. And we have to learn how to embrace them, as explained on this web source.

But how do you pull yourself together after a surge of negative emotions? Whatever happens, life goes on, and you have to accept that fact. However, sometimes it’s hard to reboot and get back to normal. It can sometimes be a difficult process, which is why it’s important to not forget about yourself, even during life turmoil.

Self care activities should be one of the priorities, even when everything is fine. You don’t always need a reason to treat yourself because you need to be the most important to yourself. There are many ways to please yourself, and we recommend a few of them you can practice every day, which will surely make you feel good.

Go Outside

Spending time in the fresh air is very important for proper and healthy psycho-physical development. We are taught this from a young age. Remember when you, as a kid, couldn’t wait to run out to the park, yard, or playground as soon as possible and spend quality time walking, playing, and having fun?

Although many habits change when we grow up, most often due to lack of time, some things should be held firmly. Staying outside can do wonders for your body and mind because fresh air improves circulation, strengthens immunity, and generally boosts the oxygen amount in the body. It’s beneficial not only for your physical abilities but also for your mental health.


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Breathing is a basic physiological function that people often neglect. Even though we wouldn’t be able to live without it, we often ignore proper breathing, which says a lot about our condition. For example, shallow breathing is a sign of panic, skipping breaths can indicate stress, too many obligations, etc. 

That’s why it’s important to learn to inhale and exhale the right way because increased air intake (diaphragmatic breathing) affects your mood. Once you know how to breathe, you’ll wind up stress, which leads to relaxation and a feeling of bliss.

And while learning breathing techniques, try to be surrounded by pleasant smells that evoke positive emotions. While practicing inhaling and exhaling, surround yourself with scents that help you relax, such as citrus, chamomile, or lavender notes. Add a few drops of essential oil to the diffuser or light up scented candles. These aromas will help you create a comfortable and pleasant environment where you feel good.

Sleep Enough

The importance of quality sleep cannot be emphasized enough because sleep is directly related to health. But good sleep is crucial because it also helps regulate emotions. When you don’t get enough rest, your ability to deal with problems, stress, and daily responsibilities drops, leading to irritability and a charge of negative emotions.

In general, it’s hard to deal with everyday challenges when you’re not getting enough sleep, and it’s easy for you to explode over the smallest thing. So, in order not to be grumpy and angry with the whole world, you need to rest well. Sleep at night, but don’t refrain from daytime naps whenever you can.

Do Something for Others

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By doing good things for others, you’re actually doing yourself a huge favor. No, it’s not just one of those mantras that supposed to make you feel better. It really is that way because making someone happy and helping them can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

When you help others in any way and do it sincerely and from the heart, you become more satisfied and self-aware. The very realization that you have done something good for someone affects the secretion of happiness hormones, making you feel really good. 

As explained on, when you’re devoted to self-care, the feeling of fulfilment lasts and makes you stronger, not only mentally but also physically. It has been proven that the release of endorphins has a beneficial effect on strengthening immunity.

Learn to Say No

This saying may seem contradictory to the previous one, but it’s not. It’s one thing to help others without denying something to yourself and another thing to do that to such an extent that it exhausts you. That’s why a critical element of self-care is to know when NO is the right answer.

By standing up for yourself, you build self-respect. It’s a great way to take care of your mental health. Over time, in addition to self-esteem, you’ll also gain greater respect from others. In this way, you’ll avoid unnecessary wasting on yourself and empower yourself to make choices that’ll always make you feel good.

Find a Way to Relieve Tension

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Stress causes many problems, and you’re certainly exposed to it to some extent daily. That’s why it’s of great importance to find a way to cool off and get rid of the accumulated tensions. Too much pressure and nervousness have a very harmful effect on your physical and mental health, and they take away the positivity from your life.

A critical aspect of self-care is knowing how to relax. Everyone has different ways to cope with stress, as well as mechanisms to get rid of it. You can read, exercise, watch movies, meditate, or spend time with loved ones. You can travel, enroll in a course, or volunteer. Simply put, do whatever makes you happy and good about yourself.

Good self-care is about both physical and mental health. It’s all about finding a balance and accepting that there will be bad days sometimes. But after the rain, the sun always comes, meaning that good things always happen to those who take care of themselves and others. Make sure to welcome and retain them in your life.

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