Selecting the Best Blackout Blinds for your Home

Updated on April 22, 2021

A blackout blind, like one from Blindstyle is a type of roller blind with opaque fabric housed within a cassette. The opaque material tends to run through the various side channels and prevents any light from penetrating the window.

The purchasing process can be intimidating due to the innumerable number of blackout blinds available in the market. The following tips will make the selection process of a suitable blind for your home hassle-free:

Privacy and intensity of light

Blackout blinds on your window have two major functions: enhancing privacy and regulating the amount of light to a room. There are numerous varieties available in the market; some are multipurpose while others specialize in one aspect. Depending on your preference, you can select the type of blackout blinds that will perfectly suit your needs.

Allocated budget

Every blackout blind has its price tag depending on the complexity of the design, material used, and the brand selling the blinds. In the purchasing process, you need to have allocated a specific budget that indicates the number of windows you want to be dressed with the blinds. Please determine what you can afford and purchase it to avoid over stretching your budget. 


Blinds collect dirt and debris from the external environment and need cleaning on regular occasions. The cleaning process is straightforward, and you can adequately manage it on your own without hiring professionals. However, it is worth noting that some designs and materials are easy to clean than others. Also, some materials absorb the dirt, and it becomes intimidating to clean them. Thus in the selection process, you need to select materials and designs that are easy to clean and maintain in the long-run.


Every home has a specific interior design in their homes that represent a particular style. You can opt to design sophisticated, modern, or traditional designs. The style of your blinds should rhyme with the overall design of your home. You should select colors, designs, and models that are a pure representation of your style.


Safety is a key consideration when selecting the blinds, especially in a home with pets and children. Some blinds contain cords that can accidentally strangle your pets and children in the process of playing. The safest blinds to installing in your house are cordless as they don’t pose any hazardous potential to your pets and kids.


Durability is determined by the materials used in the crafting of the blinds. Also, the craftsmanship of the shutters will evaluate the quality of the final product. In the selection process, opt for shades made with high-quality materials and produced by professionals with unquestionable skills. It is worth noting that blinds with high-quality materials and build with exceptionally high skills attract a higher price tag.

Lastly, the selection process of a perfect blackout blind is easy if you have various factors to consider. A smart decision ensures that the product meets your needs, and its quality and durability are not questionable. The above buying guide will assist make a quick and intelligent decision. 

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