Secrets of Outreach Masters Revealed: OUTreach INsights Episode I

Updated on February 2, 2019

By Rich Obertots

Mastering Competition

Outreach can be like a chess match at times. The fact is – organizations are competing to earn the trust and loyalty of customers and customers are a high-worth scarce resource in play.

For more than 19 years – ThinkThroughTools has had the honor to work with Masters of Outreach. Key; work “with.”

Our successes were achieved together – each bringing to the Outreach chess board and the client’s market space;

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Intelligence
  • Energy
  • Systems
  • Skill-sets and…
  • A spirit of Win/Win (something at which some may scoff – yet something essential more than ever.)

Above all – our focus was to provide customers and their patients being entrusted to us – with the highest probability of a positive outcome.


During December of 2018 and January 2019 we launched into a commitment to begin interviewing trusted and highly experienced individuals that are former and current clients to share with the arena of Critical Medical Aviation and – healthcare sectors of all kinds – their OUTreach INsights.

Some flew from their organizations to our headquarters in Canfield, Ohio. And – to some – we took our film crew.

During this time we captured more than four hours of Outreach wisdom, insights, stories, blunders,  recommendations and future forecasts conducted as conversational interviews – beginning with four true leaders.

It is our honor to begin OUTreach INsights Episode 1 with (in order of apperance in the video);

  • Bill Pike, Vice President of New Markets, Aledade (formerly Co-Founder, CEO of Rescue Air 1, Atlanta, GA)
  • Ed Marasco, Vice President of Business Development, Quick Med Claims (formerly with CJ Systems Aviation Group, Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Rob Brooks, Executive Vice President and COO, Erlanger Health System / Life Force, Chattanooga, TN (formerly Flight Paramedic/Flight RN and Outreach / Business Development Specialist, STAT MedEVAC, Pittsburgh, PA and UH MedEVAC, Cleveland, OH)
  • Ralph McDaniel, Entrepreneur (formerly Co-Founder, CFO/COO Rescue Air 1, Program Director at Haiti Air Ambulance, Delmas, Haiti and Program Director at Georgia Baptist LifeFlight, Atlanta, GA)

These true leaders informed on topics like;

  • The importance of commitment
  • Misconceptions about what is – and is not effective Outreach
  • Examples of how our OutreachMATRIX has worked for them and how it still does to this day
  • Advice for Base Managers and Program Directors on setting up Outreach Systems that work
  • What it takes to truly succeed as an Outreach Specialist or Business Development Manager – and they know!
  • With stories about the best Outreachers that they have worked with – or – are working with now – and much much more that we will share in future OUTreach INsights episodes.
  • Outreach wisdom never before available to professionals in Critical Medical Aviation.

Thanks Ed, Rob, Ralph and Bill. Your souls are on board every flight – to this day – and into our future.


The Book of Outreach 2019 logo FINAL PNG

We will be populating sections of The Book of Outreach 2019 with much wisdom shared by Ralph McDaniel, Bill Pike, Rob Brooks and Ed Marasco in the videos as well as additional content from a wide range of Outreach Masters we will be interviewing and videocapturing in the future.

If you desire to be among the first notified upon its publication – Q2 2019 – please drop an e.mail to

[email protected] or call 330.623.5910.

This will be a Limited Edition First Run

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