Running a Dental Website? Tweak These 3 Things to Get More Clients Through the Door

Updated on November 13, 2020

These days, many people research dental websites before even calling the office for an appointment. If the website is not informative, they will probably look elsewhere for services. Dentists need to be diligent in improving their websites. With the right content, design, and user-friendliness, dental websites will draw in more patients than ever before.

Why Are Dental Websites So Important?

Most people have a smartphone these days or at least access to a computer. The right Dental Office Website Design is more important than some dentists realize. How many potential patients see a website that lacks design or content and then move on to another office? The potential for patient loss is astronomical when a website has a poor design.

Three Things That Get More Clients Through the Door

When websites lack design appeal, they are often cumbersome to navigate and can lack credible information that helps potential patients decide on their oral healthcare needs. There are three things dentists can do right now to improve their websites and see an influx of new patients.

1. Optimization is something every website owner needs to be aware of and is even more important for dental websites. SEO plays a tremendous role in the positioning of dental offices in search engine ranking. If the office is listed too low in local search engine results, individuals will probably not find the website.

It is also an integral dental office website optimized to load correctly on multiple electronic devices, including smartphones. If a website does not load quickly and effectively, visitors will bounce within seconds.

2. Another step dental offices can take is to update the design of their website. If the design is over two years old, the website needs a facelift. Having a modern design makes a dental office seem more advanced and contemporary. Older looks may make a person believe the dental office is also outdated.

3. Testimonials are an essential part of any dental office website. Individuals want to know how the office treats their patients. By featuring patient testimonials, dental offices will encourage potential patients to want to schedule their first appointment with the dentist. Testimonials can help increase the confidence level of individuals who need dental services.

Dental Websites Are Ever-Growing

It is not enough to create a dental website and then walk away. Websites need constant content to engage readers and keep them coming back for more. Many dental offices hire a website designer that will continue to monitor their websites and update them regularly. When a dental website is routinely updated, more patients will call for appointments.


If your dental website is lacking design and is difficult to navigate, potential patients will not take the plunge and schedule an appointment. The goal of most dental offices is to have plenty of patients. How many patients is your office missing because of a poorly managed website?

Taking the above steps today can help dental offices rise in rank on search engine result pages and see higher traffic levels and conversion rates. It takes a concerted effort, but an updated website design can bring new life to a stagnant dental office that needs a boost. Check out the options today to get started.

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