Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Updated on November 13, 2020

Rhinoplasty is an established and reputable practice in the cosmetic industry, used widely for surgeries that involve changing the shape and structure of the nose. It is often used for aesthetic motivations. However, it can also be used to improve the circulation of air through the nasal cavities, and thus help an individual’s breathing.

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What Does it Do?

Rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a nose job, is one of the most common operations which surgically alters the shape and size of the nose. Egozi Plastic Surgery is an example of a professional practice that is well experienced in performing rhinoplasty. Surgeons can increase or decrease the overall size, and alter the shape of the tip, bridge, and nostrils. The area between the upper lip and the nose can also be affected by the surgery, and the inner parts of the nose can be straightened in a procedure called septoplasty. Typically, patients have rhinoplasty to straighten the bridge of the nose and remove a ‘hump’ of cartilage, reshape the tip of the nose, or change the size of the nostrils. 

Health Benefits

If you have sustained an injury to your nose, it has been broken or deviated from its natural shape in an accident, rhinoplasty is the go-to solution for restoring it to its regular shape. People who have a deviated septum often cannot breathe properly through one or both of their nasal airways, and this can cause various issues which are solved through surgery. These are called ‘reconstructive surgeries’ and have an extremely positive impact on the lives of those who choose to consider artificial augmentation of their nose. It can also be a great comfort for some to engage in surgery to try to regain their natural nose shape after an accident, which rhinoplasty can attempt, often leading to an improvement in emotional as well as physical recovery.

Cosmetic Improvement

The nose is the most central feature of the face, and therefore a natural focal point. It is no wonder then that it can be a source of self-consciousness for many who are not entirely happy with their features. While we advocate for accepting and loving yourself unconditionally, we also understand you may feel empowered in achieving the external visual image that you wish internally to have. Just don’t let the latest celebrity new looks, other people’s past comments, or various internet trends to influence your thinking – rhinoplasty is a wonderful tool for achieving your ambitions and increasing your self-esteem and wellbeing, but not something to be only lightly considered. This practice has allowed a lot of people to drain the negative energy from their self-perception and could similarly improve your emotional health.

You are the only person in charge of your body, and you are entitled to change it, without judgment, if you know it will make you more contented and happier. Your physical appearance is not invalid because it is not natural, and making adult, informed choices about your body is a decision to be respected.

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