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Role Of Technological Advancements In The Vehicle’s Safety in Dubai

Traveling in the personal is one of the topmost requirements of this modern world. But with the increasing number of vehicles on the road, the accidents are also increasing. Many people drive carelessly and that leads to many bad experiences. Due to this reason, many Car Rental Dubai companies ask for an international driving license to avoid traffic issues.

According to RTA, reckless activities of teenagers are the main reason for accidents. This situation is quite alarming and many the government of UAE is addressing it now. These kinds of accidents are not only dangerous for the vehicle and drivers but also for the other pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

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To control these issues, the automotive industry is also contributing by manufacturing more safe vehicles. You don’t have to worry anymore about the safety of your family or teenagers’ children as the automotive is coming with more advanced features. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the safety features that automobile companies are introducing for our safety. 

Technological advancements of the advanced vehicles

Here are some of the basic technological advancements that are playing an important role in vehicle safety. 

Automatic Emergency Brakes

Automated Emergency Brakes are built-in in vehicles in order to overcome the carelessness of drivers. Now the question is how these automated brake systems will keep you safe and secure. Well! Having an automatic brake system does not mean that your car will stop at once on the road. This emergency brake will come into action if and only if your automobile is at the risk of collision with something. 

It depicts that it will work only when you don’t respond to protect yourself from an accident like other emergency features. Moreover, these emergency brakes will firstly alert you. If you don’t pay any heed to the alarming sign, it will stop your car automatically on the road. There are only a few automobiles having this unique feature at the present time. But technologists are claiming to launch all the novel cars with this highway speed emergency brake feature. 

Adaptive cruise control

It is one of the well-reputed technology to control the accidents on road. The vehicles with adaptive cruise technology automatically detect the vehicles around by using radar. Not only that, but it also helps your car to maintain the distance from other automobiles on the road. The advanced cruise technology vehicles are even able to stop the vehicles. In case you are going to drive for hours to reach your destination then this feature works best for you. Just activate this feature and you are ready to go in a few. 

Blind Spot Detectors

Blind spots are one of the leading reasons for dreadful accidents. Have you ever felt difficulty in changing lanes? If yes, you will be aware of how difficult it is to keep an eye on the backside of a vehicle. No doubt rear cameras display everything clearly but think about the scenario when you are driving on an off-road track. There is a possibility that your camera will not be able to detect all danger zones. 

So, you need a blind spot detector to keep you secure while crossing the lanes. The advanced blind spot detectors make use of cameras along with radar for highlighting the danger zone. If your car comes across blind spots, the built-in blind spot detector will produce an alarming sound to stop you from operating in the wrong direction. With the advancement of technology, some blind spot detectors are efficient enough to block your vehicle if needed. 

Evolution of electric cars

The concept of electric cars was introduced by Tesla and this company is really dedicated to saving nature and the environment by manufacturing electric cars. They impact positively on the environment and air quality as these cars produce less noise as they don’t consume any fuel. These cars are the source of less reduction of carbon emissions that makes them the best choice for people who are conscious about clean air quality. 

Self-driven vehicles

Many automobile companies like Tesla, Mercedes, Uber, etc are working on self-driving car technology for a couple of years. It is expected to launch anytime soon as Tesla and a few other companies have already reached level 5 of autonomous cars. Self-driving cars are going to reduce the accidents ratio and increase the safety of drivers and pedestrians on the road. 

Back view cameras

If you are renting a car or buying it, make sure that it has a rear camera feature. Because on the busy roads, you need to keep an eye on the back traffic along with the side and front traffic. This feature also comes in handy while reversing or parking your car in a crowded area. To save yourself from horrible accidents and blindspots, make sure to get the cars with this advanced feature. 

Driving safety technology

The teenagers are reckless and it seems like a major issue to control them on the roads. They also seem to break traffic rules and Overspeed their vehicles while competing with the other drivers on roads. The automobile industry is trying to introduce a modern driver assistance technology to control these types of activities. Parents will be able to check the speed of the vehicle and track it easily. Many car insurance companies are working to launch in-vehicle apps to monitor the car on the road. 

Parental control driving apps

To keep an eye on your kids the parents have an option to install the various apps on their phones. You can easily monitor the driver’s activities by using these apps. Just adjust the speed limit and you are ready to go. Whenever someone crosses the speed limit, you will get notified on your phones. You can check several apps on the play store or istore. You may find a few free apps or just pay once a month and monitor everything. 

Final verdict

We hope that you know all the safety features of modern cars now that are helping to prevent road accidents. Dubai being the home of the crazy car lovers experience the modern features of cars before the other world. So you can easily rent or buy vehicles with advanced technological advancements in Dubai. Just book your favorite car from any best and cheap car rental Dubai company for your desired time period. 

We recommend you to hire a vehicle from RentalcarsUAE as it is one of the best and most professional agencies in the UAE. No matter you are in Dubai or Sharjah, you can book a car from any Emirates of UAE. Furthermore, you have options to book cars online and the company will drop the car at your given address without extra charges. 

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