RN Long Term Acute Care Jobs in Virginia

Updated on December 23, 2022

Nurses have specialization and this can make them earn more as well as get more job opportunities. RN long-term acute care jobs in Virginia are one of the highest-paid nursing jobs. Learn more about LTAC nursing jobs in Virginia so you will know how to prepare yourself for the job every nurse would want to get paid higher and grab the opportunity while they are in demand now. 

How Much Do Acute Care Nurses Make A Year?

Acute care nurses in Virginia can make an average of $88,000 to $128,000. Pay can be affected by several factors such as specialization and experience. That’s why having more years of experience counts as well as having certificates and specialization. 

What Kind Of Facility Is LTAC?

Patients in this department are injured, disabled, sick, and convalescent. Nurses in this department are in charge of the following duties and responsibilities:


LTAC nurses participate in planning how to make the condition of the patients better. Their team works together to be able to come up with a plan. 


Assessing the condition of patients is done by using equipment that can monitor their vital signs and heart rate. This way LTAC nurses can report if there are any unusual activities on the patient’s body and be able to give the proper treatment needed. 


LTAC nurses can administer medications and treatment to the patient. They are authorized to give medicines or intravenous administration. That’s why LTAC nurses should possess skills that can make them capable of doing these tasks. 


LTAC nurses are part of the implementation of the plan made by the medical team handling the patient. Following a routine and accuracy is important in handling long-term acute care patients. Most of them are recovering, which means precautionary measures are to be followed strictly to make the healing faster. 


LTAC nurses also play an important role in evaluating patients’ conditions. They should be able to have critical thinking to determine if the patient needs extraordinary care or if there is something wrong with the patient. In this way, they can proceed with procedures that can confirm the patient’s condition status. 

What are the RN Long Term Acute Care Jobs in Virginia?

Before starting to work as an LTAC Nurse you should be able to be qualified. Here are some of the jobs you can work at:

Intensive Care Unit Nurses

In this department, the nurse and patient ratio are usually 1: or even 2:1. This means patients need close monitoring due to their critical condition. Because of this need, more ICU nurses are being hired. Patients need to be monitored now and then and 24/7 attention is needed. 

Telemetry Nurse

Recording And monitoring of the vital status and heart rate of patients are important. Telemetry nurses are responsible for doing this task and they are to report the changes to the head nurse or physician so proper care can be given to the patient. 

Progressive Care Nurse

In this department, patients need continuous care and monitoring for their conditions. Nurses should be able to monitor, check on changes then perform intervention if needed. Most patients here have acute situations, so progressive care nurses should be alert and have high critical thinking skills to attend well to patients. 

Medsurg Surgical Nurse

Nurses are needed in surgery procedures including preoperative and post-operative procedures. They are the ones responsible for assisting paints to prepare themselves for the operation and give the necessary procedure after the operation. They also act as assistants to the surgeons during the operation. They play an important role in the recovery process of patients since they are the ones orienting patients on what to do after the operation to have a faster healing process. 

Now that you have an idea on RN long-term acute care jobs in Virginia you can now apply for the position or if you think you are not qualified enough. Then keep on going with your present job as a nurse to be able to get the experience needed to escalate to LTAC RN jobs. Broaden your career by gathering the certificate needed through experiencing different nursing jobs until you will be able to find the perfect nursing job for you. 

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