5 Professionals To Contact After A Car Crash

Updated on May 18, 2023

Life can be stressful right after a car accident. You may not be able to think clearly, regardless of whether you’re involved in a minor or serious collision. You probably won’t have the presences of mind to think of calling for help. 

In this article, you’ll learn what kinds of professionals to contact who can fully understand your problem and help you out. Also, you will learn what to do during and after the scene. By knowing the things you need to do ahead of time, you’ll surely be prepared when this type of emergency happens.  

Be Sure To Call The Professionals 

Below are the right professionals to contact during and after a vehicular accident

Car Injury Doctor 

It’s paramount to contact an injury doctor if you’re in a car collision. If the matter is urgent, go straight to an emergency room and get treated.  Many injuries are obvious at the outset, while some might show at a later time. Whatever the case may be, be sure to visit the doctor. If an injury goes untreated, it might lead to serious health problems later on. 


Getting the police involved from the beginning is required by law in some states. Additionally, it’s better to have the scene investigated as soon as possible by professionals. Ensure you know how to find the accident report online because this document can be essential when filing an insurance claim. If the collision happens in MO, you can search for the Missouri police accident report online by entering some of the incident’s basic information. If the police do not arrive at the scene, go to the nearest police station and file a report yourself.

 Auto Accident Attorney 

You need a car accident lawyer to represent your best interest and fight with you for your compensation rights. A lawyer will investigate the accident, handle the insurance claims process, negotiate a settlement, represent you in court, present your right, etc. You need to have someone by your side who knows how to get things done and make sure you are taken care of.  

Car Insurance Company 

After gathering information and details about the car crash from the police, call and work with your car insurance company. A significant amount of money is usually at stake if you file a car insurance claim. It’s not a good idea to go against the insurance company alone. Having an attorney beside you can help you answer the insurance company’s questions confidently and ensure that you get the right compensation.  

Don’t forget that insurance companies are there to make profits. It will be difficult to get the value of your claim when they’re there negotiating settlements. They might reduce, or worse, deny a valid claim.  

Tow Truck Provider 

If your vehicle is rendered unsafe for driving, you definitely need to tow it. Determine first if your car insurance covers towing. Check your car insurance policy. Call your broker if you have questions. Your insurance provider might be able to arrange a tow for you.  

Additional Steps To Take 

Here are other important things that you should remember after being involved in a car crash:  


First things first: stopDriving away from the scene, no matter how small it is, will not solve the problem. It can just lead to more serious legal trouble.  


Take pictures and videos of the scene using whatever devices you have at hand. Do it up close. Pictures and videos are evident and unquestionable. These types of evidence are highly compelling. You will definitely need them if you file a claim.  

Preserve the scene 

The car crash scene must be preserved for the evidence. Some evidence can fade away easily, like the paint markings or slid marks. Preserving the scene can surely assist in determining fault or liability. Police officers do this job thoroughly. However, there are times when officers neglect to gather present evidence and fail to get all important information.  

Exchange information 

Make sure to exchange important information with the other driver involved in that vehicular crash. Give and get all these details: 

  • Name 
  • Contact information 
  • Driver’s license 
  • License plate number 
  • Insurance company and policy number 
  • Model of vehicle, color, and type 

Don’t admit responsibility 

It’s not okay to admit that it’s your fault nor apologize until you’re completely convinced and aware of what exactly had happened. This would save you from being liable if you didn’t cause the accident. 


Car crashes can be frightening. Remember to call the right professionals and handle things appropriately.  Moreover, knowing what to do during and after a car accident can help you take the right steps to make sure that you’re compensated properly for any damages that you might’ve incurred.