Reimagines the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Partnership

Updated on February 13, 2019

Revenue Cycle Software and Services online marketplace free to healthcare providers 

Introducing, the much-anticipated online platform connecting revenue cycle leaders to future business partners. uses a sophisticated matching program that connects provider based revenue cycle leaders to software and services partners. 

“Optimizing the revenue cycle process encompasses building effective partnerships,” said April Langford, co-founder and CEO. “With nearly three decades of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management, I have seen first-hand the challenges, of finding and evaluating the search for qualified business vendors. That is why we created, to efficiently match providers with the revenue cycle vendors who best meet their needs.” 

The powerful database technology behind lets business managers abandon the “blind date” method that launches most business partnering relationships. Josh Page, CTO, oversaw the building of the matchmaking experience that operates with transparency, relevance, and trust at its core. “Bringing together both sides of the revenue cycle marketplace, that offers our users both efficiency and ease of use,” noted Page. “Our platform is unique. Our user-centric design and secure information architecture ensures that business partnerships made on start on a solid foundation.” 

Understanding the need to unite intuitive technological with unrivaled design, co-founder and President, Jena Eggert, grappled with the need to create direct, seamless, and strong partnerships. “I began to explore how we could use advanced technology and analytics to simplify the cumbersome process of vendor discovery and selection, similar to how other industries operate. Dealing with antiquated processes led us to our mission, which is to restructure, streamline, and enrich the user experience, thereby adding instant value to the healthcare industry; building our current business model to evolve to create a true modern healthcare market place. “ 

For providers and vendors, is the online platform where strong, trusted revenue cycle partnerships begin. Join the providers and businesses partners who are actively using our platform, and “Let’s make a match!”

If you would like more information about’s role in revenue cycle partnerships, our platform’s powerful database, or our beautiful user interface, please call Jena Eggert at (407) 421-4940 or email [email protected].   

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